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About NR Times

Neuro Rehab Times is the world’s leading brain and spinal publication.

It covers neurological conditions and brain and spinal injuries from every angle, bringing together all professionals involved.

NR Times is considered essential reading by brain and spinal professionals across the globe; thanks to its combination of award-winning journalism, clinical expertise and leadership insights. 

It is produced for all neuro-rehab professionals including clinicians, therapists, case managers, lawyers, care setting management, academics, researchers, tech developers, social workers, nurses and charity leaders.

Since 2016, Neuro Rehab Times has been informing and supporting neuro-rehab professionals at all career stages.

We’re also a must-read to families that want professional-grade information on the conditions affecting their loved ones.

While shining a light on what remains an unsung yet pivotal healthcare field, our ultimate mission is to contribute in some way to better patient outcomes.

Our role in this is by sharing expert insights, new approaches, emerging technologies, research breakthroughs, care models and leadership strategies.