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Brainkind CEO: “It’s a big step…but we have a unique role to fill”



As the Disabilities Trust sharpens its focus on brain injury under it new name Brainkind, we speak to CEO Irene Sobowale on the charity's plans and vision for the future.

Over the last 40 years, the Disabilities Trust has changed the lives of countless people and made huge strides in research and campaigning.

But the organisation recently underwent a major rebrand as it enters a new phase, focusing in on acquired brain injuries (ABI) and neurological conditions.

Under its new name, Brainkind, the charity will continue to deliver services across the UK,  including physical and cognitive rehabilitation, as well as educational and emotional support to empower people living with brain injury, and their loved ones.

We spoke to CEO Irene Sobowale about the change and the future of the organisation.

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