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Chroma trials VERA Pro partnership for enhanced dementia care

Music-based app to be used to support clients’ therapy sessions within residential care homes



Creative arts therapies provider Chroma has teamed up with VERA Pro, the music-based app helping to change the lives of people with dementia, to support clients’ therapy sessions within residential care homes.

VERA Pro is an engagement tool that improves communication, mood and memory in those living with dementia, while reducing the frequency and impact of changed behaviours, leading to better care outcomes for the listener and the care partner.

The app integrates personally significant music into the activities of daily living for the person with dementia, assisting caregivers in the challenging moments of care brought on by changing moods and behaviours.

Using AI technology and a simple onboarding system, VERA Pro matches songs, based on personal preferences that maximise brain stimulation. This forms an individual’s personal ‘Music DNA,’ offering three personalised stations: Relax, Energise and Reminisce.

Chroma therapists will adopt VERA Pro into their music therapy sessions with residential care clients to help improve mood and communication.

Music therapy sessions, for those living with dementia, offer an opportunity to interact, communicate and express themselves through a meaningful connection in music, sound and a secure therapeutic relationship.

Music allows connection, exploration and reminiscence – all of which can be effective in helping people to communicate and express themselves giving them the opportunity to share and explore things they remember or relive significant life events.

Daniel Thomas, managing director at Chroma said, “We are excited to be adding the VERA Pro app into our work. We know that, for those living with dementia, accessing and expressing emotions, thoughts and feelings can be more challenging, and issues like processing grief or loss much more difficult. Instances like this are commonplace within the care home environment and music offers opportunities to explore those emotions.

“The VERA Pro app recognises the power of music. We believe this app could benefit our clients and through this trial, it is our hope to create a joint Chroma/VERA Pro model so that VERA Pro is not only used as an optional extra but as a full part of the extended therapy intervention. VERA Pro has proved itself to be a revolutionary tool for those affected by dementia and we look forward to being able to bring it to the lives of our clients too.”

VERA Pro added: “We are delighted Chroma has decided to trial the use of VERA Pro for their clients living with dementia within residential care homes. We know first-hand how effective VERA Pro can be – a personalised playlist can help a person to relax, reminisce or feel energised. 

“We hope that following this trial, residential care homes see the potential of VERA Pro and adopt it within their settings as standard to support their residents’ quality of life and the caregivers/loved ones who so desperately need the support.”

For more information about VERA Pro, go to: or https://www.VERA