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How construction workers can stay safe on site



The construction industry can be a challenging and often demanding place to work, and it does not come without risk.

The work itself can be physically and mentally draining, and it’s vital that tradesmen feel like they work in a safe and secure environment where they can undertake tasks safely. 

This article will highlight some of the best ways to make sure people working on construction sites prioritise their health and safety, how to create a happy working environment as well as taking proactive action to avoid injury or unnecessary stress.

Warm Ups and Stretching

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are about to begin a day’s work, but making sure your body is properly warmed up is crucial if you want to avoid injuries at work, especially in such a demanding working environment as construction.

Without warming up and stretching your muscles, you could be susceptible to muscle strains or back problems, especially when lifting heavy items or doing repetitive motions. Musculoskeletal disorders can be common for people who work on construction sites, most commonly impacting parts of the body such as shoulders, knees and the lower back. 

Spending a couple of minutes before you start working stretching out your muscles and warming your body up will help you avoid such injuries.

Wear the Correct PPE

It’s vital that anyone working on a construction site is provided with the correct PPE to help ensure health and safety requirements are met. 

Protective equipment such as site work boots, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and high-visibility clothing are essential and will make sure workers are safe from any potential hazards that could arise on site. PPE also lowers the risk of long-term health conditions that could be brought on by inhalation of harmful chemicals such as dust or asbestos.

Hydration and Fuel 

You need to avoid putting yourself in situations where you could become dehydrated, as this will not only impact your ability to do your work but could also lead to ill health and injury. 

Make sure you consume plenty of liquids during your shift and think about eating lots of healthy snacks high in protein that will give you slow-releasing energy throughout the day.

Use Appropriate Lifting Techniques

Inadequate lifting methods are one of the top causes of long-term injuries that are sustained on construction sites. Individuals working on-site should be given proper training on the best methods for lifting heavy items. Some of the top tips include always bending your knees, keeping a straight back and lifting with your legs to avoid injury to the lower back and prevent muscle strains.

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