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Summit Spotlight Series: The Motek C-Mill

Summit Medical and Scientific would like to introduce you to their range of innovative rehabilitation technology in this short product series.



For our third spotlight session, we’ll be highlighting the C-Mill by Motek.

What is the Motek C-Mill?

The C-Mill is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation treadmill, which can be used for the evaluation and training of impaired gait and balance.

There are four variations of the C-Mill, with the most advanced being the C-Mill VR+ which features an instrumented force-measuring treadmill, augmented reality projections on the treadmill belt, an inset virtual reality screen, a safety harness, handrails, built-in body weight support, and a full suite of gait and balance games and exercises.

The newest version, the C-Mill HERO, incorporates an adjustable pitch for uphill walking and dual-tasking exercises.

The C-Mill is suitable for stroke recovery patients, as well as neurological conditions, orthopaedic conditions, movement disorders and lower limb amputees. The C-Mill can be used by adult and paediatric patients alike simply by fitting the patient with different sized harnesses.


How does the C-Mill help patients?

Patients take many more steps during C-Mill training, compared to conventional therapy using parallel bars. This increases the intensity, repetition and length of treatment, and is more rewarding and fun for the patient.  The C-Mill also provides for implicit learning through real-time performance feedback.  

The fully-integrated body weight support system is available as an optional extra for patients who are unable to stand or walk by themselves, or require help to stand out of their wheelchair. The wheelchair can be moved via a small ramp onto the treadmill, and the body weight support can then assist the patient to a standing position. It is possible to significantly reduce a patient’s body weight during training, so they can start therapy much earlier in the rehabilitation process.

Balance assessment and training exercises means that patient can start early in their gait training to achieve safe standing and stepping.

The walking games and exercises keep patients engaged and can target areas or obstacles to train and challenge a patient’s gait in real-time, which is fantastic for gait adaptability training.  For example, applications like stepping stones project a target for patients to step on. The treadmill knows exactly where a patient will naturally step and can quickly change the target’s projection so the patient has to change their step.

How does the C-Mill help therapists?

The C-Mill is a unique clinical treadmill – its use of force plate technology means that parameters such as Centre of Pressure, step length, width frequency and symmetry are automatically recorded and analysed in real time. This means there’s no need to attach markers or wires to the patient. The treadmill’s extensive data collection allows for valid, objective and reliable assessment and pre-set protocols mean therapist can spend more time focusing on providing high-quality, intensive, efficient therapy.

Therapists can make adjustments tailored to each patient, set challenges, monitor the immediate effects, and generate reports – all with just a few clicks and in real time.

The patient’s performance can be measured and saved to provide short and long-term progress reports, allowing the therapist to tailor each session according to the patient and their therapy goal.

Obstacles and targets don’t need to be set up thanks to the use of projections, leaving more time for patient exercise.

How can I find out more?

You can contact us about our entire range of rehabilitation equipment on our website.

You can also get in touch with us by telephone: 01372 459863 or by email: info@summitmedsci.co.uk