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Community neuro rehab

58-year-old regains independence after 12 weeks’ rehab



A man who spent three months in hospital after a horrific road traffic accident is living independently again after a 12-week stay at Calvert Reconnections.

“Moly”, 58, suffered a serious brain injury and spent five weeks in a coma following his accident.

On being discharged from hospital, he immediately began his programme of rehabilitation at Calvert Reconnections.

Calvert Reconnections offers a new approach to brain injury rehabilitation, combining cognitive and physical rehabilitation with vocational and outdoor activities delivered in a non-clinical environment.

Activities range from reflective pursuits to higher adventure activities, all closely assessed and graded to a person’s interests and functional abilities.

While Moly’s initial focus was on improving his walking and coordination, his progress was such that he was soon taking part in local park runs.

Moly also worked with Reconnections’ team of neuro physiotherapists at the centre’s state-of-the-art aquatic therapy facility which includes an underwater, self-propelled treadmill.

Moly’s aquatic therapy programme enabled him to work on his balance and co-ordination within the safety of the water, allowing him to push himself harder without the high impact of a dry land treadmill.

Moly particularly enjoyed the social aspects of life at Reconnections, strumming a guitar for the first-time during music therapy sessions.

Having completed his rehabilitation programme, Moly is now living independently again on his houseboat in Middlewich.

He is also hopeful of returning to work in the future.

Commenting on his stay at Reconnections, Moly said:

“Calvert Reconnections provides such a welcoming environment. The team are so passionate and knowledgeable.

“Together, we identified my rehab goals and worked through a plan to achieve them.

“It’s been a real team effort getting me back together but it’s one I’ll remember and cherish forever.”

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