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When Emily Goodall set up BundleBean in 2011, she wanted to design a new, high-functioning nursery product that would make life easier for mums.

In the process, however, she stumbled on an entirely unexpected market.

Emily noticed a demand from parents of children living with disabilities. There was a clear need for a universal, affordable wheelchair cover which would give young people the freedom to get out and about in the unpredictable British weather.

The BundleBean wheelchair range has since become one of its most successful, vastly improving the lives of users.

“It really makes a difference,” says Emily. “You can go out for a walk on a rainy day as a family and know that your little one is warm and dry. It also helps you to go on holiday because it’s so easy to carry.”

The range now has an offering for newborns through to adults. The kids’ fleece-lined wheelchair cosy and lightweight rain cover – which folds down into a handy pocket-sized bag – fit ages three to 11, with additional versions for ages 11 and above.

They are all extendable, so can be adjusted as a child gets older. The covers are universal, fitting all wheelchairs from off-road to manual and electric, and non-restrictive.

They are also designed with bright Velcro fastenings for those with visual impairments. But the biggest selling point, says Emily, is how easy to use they are.

The cover fits over the individual rather than the chair, and can be on in seconds, allowing older children and young adults the freedom of going out on their own.

“We have young adults who use the BundleBean because it helps them to be independent. That is something which we really care about.

“For users who are in high school, to be able to get it on and off on their own on a school outing is really empowering.”

They also serve as a comfort and reassurance for children who may have trouble interacting or feel nervous in a new situation.
“They’ll take it everywhere with them, to any potentially difficult situations, such as on an airplane,” explains Emily.

“Having the BundleBean over their knees is very reassuring.”

And of course, they serve the vital function of encouraging children and young people to experience the great outdoors, knowing they will stay cosy and dry come rain or shine.

“Our message is about not hiding away, but being out and about. It’s nice to have something which livens up a rainy day or a dull wheelchair,” adds Emily.

For more information and products visit: www.bundlebean.com.

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