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Interview: Advances and challenges in Motor Neurone Disease research 

The MND Association has announced £5 million funding to create a network of researchers and care teams that will work to increase access to clinical trials for patients. We speak to Director of Research Development at the Association, Dr Brian Dickie, to find out more.



Advances and challenges in Motor Neurone Disease research 

With Motor Neurone Disease affecting more than 5,000 adults in the UK and survival rates on average of 18 months, there is an urgent need to find new treatment options.

In this article, we sat down with Dr Brian Dickie, director of research development at the MND Association, which has just announced a £5 million funding injection to enable more patients take part in vital clinical trials.

He shares his insights on the current state of research into MND and how the funding hopes to advance this.

Unlock this article to read the full interview and learn more about:

- Promising lines of investigation and potential treatment pathways for MND

- How gene therapy is leading to some "never seen before" results

- The role AI can play in helping to manage the condition

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