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Multiple sclerosis news

Askham partners with MS Society to deliver therapy

Outpatients living with MS will be able to use Askham’s range of cutting-edge rehab facilities



A specialist care provider has partnered with the MS Society to deliver weekly therapy sessions to outpatients affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), enabling access to its suite of cutting-edge rehabilitation facilities. 

Askham Village Community, a family-run care and rehabilitation community, will now be offering weekly exercise classes for those living with MS, as well as carers and family.

Funded by the Cambridge, Ely & Newmarket MS Society Group, each session will focus on encouraging motor functionality, with the opportunity for social interaction extending beyond its clinical value. 

Bob Bragger, a volunteer from the MS Society, has been the driving force behind this collaboration and as the group co-ordinator of the Cambridge, Ely & Newmarket Group, which consists of 300 members made up of patients and carers.

The MS Society will also be looking to fund private physio and hydrotherapy for patients at Askham — ensuring they have access to the very best care and the opportunity to use Askham’s rehabilitation facilities, which include a specialist hydrotherapy pool and cutting-edge robotic equipment.

These facilities were showcased to the local MS group members in an event which gave an insight into the person-centred approach its reputation has been founded upon.

Bob Bragger said: “We’re delighted to have teamed up with Askham Village Community to offer specialist treatment to people with MS in the region. 

“MS is relentless, painful and disabling, yet hundreds of people living with the chronic condition aren’t able to get the vital rehabilitation they need. 

“When we heard of Askham’s forward thinking facilities – that are on our doorstep – it was a no-brainer for us to get in touch!

“By opening their doors, Askham will help us provide tailored rehabilitation – including state-of-the-art robotics, specialist physio with adapted fitness machines and hydrotherapy – to dozens of people living with MS. 

“We’re incredibly grateful to the fabulous staff at Askham, and look forward to working together to support the MS community.”

Sara Neaves, clinical lead and physiotherapist at Askham Village Community, added: “When Bob approached us at Askham, it quickly became clear that we could adapt our specialist services to offer those with MS a bespoke service that aligns sensitively with their individual needs. 

“We are a community at Askham and we want all outpatients to feel part of this. 

“Our weekly therapy sessions will be an opportunity for those with MS to socialise with others who truly understand what they are going through, as well as receiving specialist treatments that will enhance their overall physical and mental wellbeing.”

Askham is always welcoming new residents and staff into its growing community. For further information, contact 01354 740269 or visit https://askhamvillagecommunity.com/