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Awards to highlight inspirational contributions



NR Times is to highlight examples inspirational and often life-changing contributions at its second annual awards event.

The NR Times Awards, sponsored by Elysium Healthcare, champions the achievements of organisations and professions working across the neuro and spinal injury rehab world.

The Inspirational Contribution award will tell stories of hope and inspiration, through patients achieving huge and unexpected milestones, to dedicated clinicians supporting clients to achieve new heights and the work of charity figures or family members in delivering much-needed support.

The award is sponsored by Tru Rehab Ltd – a specialist Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) rehabilitation facility, which operates within residential units and community outreach to provide a full pathway of active rehabilitation, pre- community re-entry, supported living and community re-integration, including repatriation to original locality.

Aspect Publishing Commercial Editor, Gordon Stribling, said: “NR Times is honoured to shine a light on the inspirational people working in neuro and spinal injury rehab.

“Thank you to Tru Rehab for helping us recognise these professionals doing incredible work every day.”

There are 14 awards up for grabs this year, spanning law, charities, case management, research and beyond.

Nominations run until August 30, before the entries are shortlisted and passed onto the judges to decide the winner of each caregory.

Winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony in October.

Find out more and enter for free here.