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Breakthrough Case Management Team to be supported by Breathlab Course



Case managers at Breakthrough are being supported with their mental and physical wellbeing through new breathing-focused sessions which are targeted at tackling stress, boosting resilience and increasing mood and confidence.  

Complex case management and care provider Breakthrough is working with Breathlab to offer guided breathing sessions to its case managers, whose roles involve supporting individuals with life-changing injury and their families to rebuild their lives.  

In such pressurised and often traumatic circumstances, case managers can be susceptible to burnout – but the breathwork sessions are the latest move by Breakthrough to help protect the wellbeing of its team.  

The company – which is expanding rapidly across England and Scotland and recently added seven new case managers to its team – is committed to delivering mentoring and has daily check-in sessions and in-depth monthly meetings to help its team offload and share concerns.  

Its work with Breathlab, which will take place throughout May, will see case managers learn new techniques around breathing to benefit the cardiovascular, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, immune and nervous systems, as well as supporting mental wellbeing.  

Breathlab, founded by advanced breath coach and yoga teacher Elliot House, takes inspiration from Hatha Yoga, with participants in its sessions reporting improvements to energy levels and motivation, stress resilience, mental clarity, mood and sleep.  

“Working as a case manager, as with many other roles in healthcare, is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling – but can also be extremely challenging and emotionally draining as we support families during the most traumatic and distressing of times,” says Annabelle Lofthouse, CEO of Breakthrough.  

“We are acutely aware of the need to protect the wellbeing of our case managers, to help them avoid the burnout that is so common in this sector and to ensure they make the time and space for themselves that is necessary for their mental and physical health.

“By doing this, they are also better able to support clients and their families – so it’s hugely important all round to look after their own wellbeing.  

“Our sessions with Breathlab are another step taken by us offering support to our team.

“We place a lot of emphasis on mentoring and provide forums for our team to meet and offload, but this is an active intervention to benefit their mental and physical wellbeing.  

“Through taking the time each morning to focus on breathing, we hope this will be a positive start to every day and will help our team to be in a good place going forward.

“We’re excited to work with Elliot in adding this additional layer of support to our fantastic case managers.” 

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