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British industry titans announce AI partnership for stroke care

“Timely diagnosis and treatment of stroke should not be limited to urban areas”



Brainomix, the AI-powered medtech solutions company and Blackford, the pioneering strategic imaging AI platform and solutions provider, have announced a strategic partnership to bring Brainomix’s comprehensive e-Stroke solution to the Blackford.

This will make advanced stroke care available to more institutions around the world.

The World Stroke Organisation states that there are over 12.2 million new strokes each year. In rural areas, access to advanced imaging may be limited, which can have a negative impact on stroke diagnosis and treatment.

Brainomix’s e-Stroke AI tools can generate real-time interpretation of more widely available non-contrast CT exams, expanding access to life-saving stroke treatments.

Blackford founder and CEO Ben Panter says: “Timely diagnosis and treatment of stroke should not be limited to urban areas and comprehensive stroke centres.

“Adding Brainomix’s AI-powered e-Stroke to the Blackford Platform allows more institutions around the world to accelerate transfer and treatment times and expand access to critical endovascular therapy for their patients.”

Brainomix’s AI-powered e-Stroke tools can utilise images from non-contrast or contrast enhanced CT exams to provide physicians fast, effective, and accurate analysis of images that expedite treatment decisions. 

Combined with the e-Stroke Mobile app, physicians can quickly and securely access, review, and share patient images and data to optimise workflow and facilitate faster transfer and treatment decisions.

Dr Michalis Papadakis, CEO and co-founder of Brainomix, says: “We are very excited to launch this partnership with Blackford – a company that has firmly established itself as a leading provider of tailored best-in-class medical imaging and AI-powered solutions that deliver clinical value, with an extensive customer base and a highly regarded focus on technical excellence.

“With our e-Stroke platform, we believe that we have the opportunity to work together to provide physicians with the most comprehensive stroke AI imaging solution, shown to optimise networks and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”