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Cambridgeshire rehab centre sets new standard for green energy use and sustainability



In an era where environmental consciousness is not just valued but essential, a Cambridgeshire care home and rehab centre continues the adoption of a sustainable energy usage, as well as the development of green initiatives.

From January 2023 to January 2024, Askham Rehab has made remarkable strides in reducing its carbon footprint and fostering a green-minded atmosphere among its residents and staff.

At the heart of its sustainability efforts are the centre’s solar panels, which have produced more than a quarter of the facility’s total energy consumption over the past year.

These panels didn’t just meet internal needs; they generated an excess of 20 per cent energy that was exported back to the grid.

This not only contributed to the community’s green energy supply but also enabled the centre to significantly reduce its energy costs which in the face of rising prices across many areas has enabled the organisation to maintain its strong investment in staff wellbeing.

The facility’s commitment to green energy extends beyond solar power.

With the installation of car charging ports, which were used 178 times last year, resulting in a consumption of 3,308.28 kWh, Askham Rehab supports the use of electric vehicles (EVs) among its staff and visitors.

Furthering this commitment, the centre has recently added a new Renault Zoe to its fleet.

This electric car underscores the facility’s dedication to reducing emissions and promoting sustainable transportation options.

Reflecting on the centre’s green initiatives, the Operations Director of Askham Rehab, Aliyyah-Begum Nasser, stated: “At Askham, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

“Our efforts over the past year demonstrate not just our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint but also our resolve to lead by example in the care sector.

“We are proud to continue this vital work, ensuring a greener, healthier future for our residents and the wider community.”

This combination of solar energy generation, support for electric vehicles, and overall energy savings highlights Askham’s role as a beacon of sustainability in the care sector.

By integrating green practices into every aspect of its operations, the centre not only enhances the wellbeing of its residents but also contributes significantly to the global effort against climate change.

For more information on Askham Rehab, please visit our website by clicking here

Askham Rehab is always welcoming new residents and staff into its growing community.

For further details, please contact us via phone 01354 740269 or email at info@askhamrehab.com.

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