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Caring for stroke: UK digital health firms team up

This partnership has been formed by Brainomix and Visionable.



Two of the UK’s digital health companies are teaming up in order to overcome the hold ups in care that some stroke patients are facing.

This partnership has been formed by Brainomix and Visionable.

This collaboration will use the combination of the artificial intelligence-based e-stroke software, which is used to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients with suspected stroke through medical images, developed by Brainomix.

This will work hand in hand with Visionable’s clinical collaboration platform, which is used to coordinate care of patients from front-line emergency responders through to specialist clinicians in hospitals.

Having already been trialed together at Ipswich Hospital, the two collaborators have claimed the are “saving time, reducing workload, and supporting improved outcomes, which aligns with the UK national strategy to drive integration and efficiency for better care.”

e-Stroke is already in use across hundreds of hospitals across the UK, Europe, Asia and the US.

Visionable’s platform provides real-time interpretation of brain scans to specialist and non-specialist clinicians, which allows team to guide treatment and transfer decisions for stroke patients, thus allowing more patients to get the treatment they need, when they need it.

 A study that was presented at the World Stroke Congress last year, displayed that implementation of e-Stroke reduced door-in-door-out times by more than an hour and tripled the number of stroke patients achieving functional independence.

Dr Sajid Alam, stroke consultant at Ipswich Hospital, says: “As a district general hospital, we don’t have ready access to dedicated neuroradiologists to interpret every stroke scan.

“Having the AI software gives us more confidence when interpreting each scan.”

Patients that are admitted to Ipswich Hospital who are eligible for mechanical thrombectomy are transferred to the Royal London Hospital as it serves as a hub for the procedure serving Ipswich as well as numerous stroke units across the southeast of England.

Dr Alam concludes: “In stroke, time is critical. Using e-Stroke saves precious minutes, as the scans are immediately available for viewing on the Brainomix web portal. With RLH also using e-Stroke, we can communicate instantly, share images, and make transfer decisions without delay.”

Recent figures also show that Ipswich Hospital is outperforming the national average for the proportion of patients being assessed by a stroke consultant within 24 hours, at 90 per cent, compared to the average of 80 per cent.