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Case managers and NHS clinicians praise Calvert Reconnections



In an early new year boost for Calvert Reconnections, case managers and NHS clinicians throughout the UK have praised the centre’s “life-changing” approach to ABI rehabilitation.

Following recent experience days and visits to the Keswick-based residential centre, a range of brain injury professionals have shared their thoughts.

“Calvert Reconnections is an amazing place,” said Jamie Bell, case manager at J Bell Rehabilitation. “The passion that can be seen from every staff member is evident in everything that they do. The facilities are great and would be perfect for so many people. I was really impressed with the full MDT approach to rehabilitation and how that can be integrated into the outdoor activities.”

Michael Conheeney, Case Manager at Northern Case Management was equally impressed with the service. “Calvert Reconnections provides a great service and has some fantastic facilitates,” said Michael. “I would like all my clients to experience what the service can offer.”

In further feedback from case managers, Rob McLellan from Browns Case Management, said: “I can honestly say that I have never seen such a welcoming and unique environment.  I would like to commend you and your colleagues for such a passionate display of commitment to rehabilitation.”

Praise has also been forthcoming from NHS clinicians.

Lucy Austen, lead occupational therapist, neuro rehab team, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

“The passion, experience and dedication of the team shines through. As an Occupational Therapist, I can see the absolutely amazing benefits this service must provide to the participants at Calvert Reconnections.“

Jenny Appleyard, specialist occupational therapist at North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust added: “I am really impressed with the service and facilities at Calvert Reconnections.”

Claire Appleton, head of service at Calvert Reconnections, said: “We are hugely grateful for the feedback from both case managers and NHS clinicians.

“At Calvert Reconnections we are constantly striving to expand the horizons of what is possible with brain injury rehabilitation.

“People with ABI can sometimes find the set procedures of neuro-rehabilitation too clinical, inflexible and impersonal.

“Our expert clinical therapy team combines cognitive and physical rehabilitation with vocational and outdoor activities delivered within a unique non-clinical environment.

“Our use of outdoor activities differentiates our service from other rehab providers but so too does the depth of expertise within our clinical team.”

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