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Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland launch 1 in 5 survey



Scottish charity, Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland has launched its biggest survey to date on the views and experiences of people living with some of Scotland’s most serious health conditions.

About Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland is the country’s biggest health charity, providing help to those living with the effects of chest and heart conditions, Long Covid, and stroke live life to their best potential.

The charity’s hospital provides specialist support from stroke nurses, community support workers, and volunteers, as well as the CHSS advice line and peer support groups.

The survey

This survey means those living with chest, heart and stroke conditions, including Long Covid, can share how their condition impacts their lives, what support they need and what matters most to them.

The charity believes this is particularly important post pandemic where people have seen such seismic changes to their lives.

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland chief executive Jane-Claire Judson, says: “One in five people across Scotland are living with chest, heart and stroke conditions. Their voices deserve to be heard and their needs met, allowing our family and friends affected by these health conditions to concentrate on living life to the full.

“By taking part in this survey, people living with chest, heart and stroke conditions can share their experiences and tell us what would make their lives better. We will use this to inform our work, improve our services, and advocate for better healthcare provision. We want this to be the biggest survey we’ve ever done.”

The charity has worked alongside Scott Porter Market Research in order to develop this survey. The charity hope that they will receive around 1200 responses.

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland’s previous 1 in 5 survey was published back in 2018. The charity states that the results from the previous survey helped to shape its strategic direction over the last five years , with a focus on unmet needs such as social isolation and mental health.

Those with either a chest, heart or stroke condition living in Scotland are urged to complete the survey, which can be found at www.chss.org.uk/survey.