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Cognetivity tech could revolutionise concussion detection

Having established itself in early-stage dementia, CognICA is now being used in a new concussion in sport study



A new study into concussion in sport will use the pioneering cognitive testing platform developed by Cognetivity to identify changes in brain health through repeated head impacts. 

The research will see Cognetivity partner with Durham University and sports tech firm My Sports Wellbeing to look at concussions at all levels of sport, from high performance to community level. 

Data will be collected through the CognICA platform, the groundbreaking AI technology developed by Cognetivity which has helped to revolutionise early-stage dementia testing and is now moving into new applications for its use, including concussion. 

Professor Karen Hind from Durham University and her team will use the tool to detect concussion and investigate changes in relation to repeated sub concussions. 

The goal of the study is to investigate the CognICA tool’s effectiveness in identifying changes in cognitive health due to concussion and repeated head impacts.

Up to 3.8million athletes sustain concussions annually, with statistics showing that between 56 and 89 per cent of concussions are missed or misdiagnosed, which often leads to the mismanagement of patients who are affected. 

Through the use of the CognICA platform, which has proven its efficacy in dementia and its ability to detect small changes in cognition, Cognetivity believes it can have a key role to play in concussion and enable better outcomes for athletes of all levels. 

“We are excited to work with Durham University and My Sports Wellbeing to understand more about the cognitive impact of concussions in sports and how CognICA can contribute to timely diagnosis and therefore better treatment and management of this serious global issue,” said Dr Sina Habibi, co-founder and CEO of Cognetivity. 

“Improving assessment, treatments and care to elevate the overall lives of patients with brain injuries and cognitive impairments is a top priority at Cognetivity and we are hopeful that the study will yield important results to help us achieve that goal.”

Prof Hind is a prominent name in athlete health and wellbeing, and led the first independent study into the health of retired professional rugby players. 

“We’re very excited to be working on this study. Cognetivity’s unique technology represents a promising way to assess cognitive health in athletes at risk of concussion, post concussion and in relation to sub-concussions,” she said. 

“This study is part of our overall programme of research through which we seek to investigate and provide strategies to improve athlete health and welfare.”


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