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Inpatient neuro rehab

Cygnet Newham House continues to develop



One year on and Cygnet Newham House in Middlesbrough is going from strength to strength providing a bespoke neuropsychiatric rehabilitation pathway just for women.

This unique inpatient service offers bespoke assessment, review, and treatment of neuropsychiatric presentations following an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), neurodegenerative or functional neurological disorder for women.

Research confirms that recovery from a significant Acquired Brain Injury or neurological insult is better achieved within specialist units (McMillan T, Oddy M. Service provision for social disability and handicap after acquired brain injury. In R Ll Wood, T McMillan (Eds), Neurobehavioural Disability and Social Handicap Following Traumatic Brain Injury. Hove, Psychology Press; 2001).

To meet the need of this complex patient group, the environment and staffing skill set at Cygnet Newham House mirrors that of Cygnet Health Care’s other existing neuropsychiatric hospitals. Emphasis on a bespoke service user experience supports the roles that individuals find themselves trying to manage at the same time as recovering from a severe neurological injury, e.g. care giving and parental roles.

We support women from across the country and can identify with the current trends of increasing numbers of those acquiring a brain injury. A high prevalence of brain injuries in women are caused through domestic violence, self-harm and/or substance abuse.

Service users with head injuries often present with a wide range of co-morbidities and dual diagnoses which can include epilepsy, psychosis and organic personality change with complex presentations around mood, depression and anxiety, often incorporating suicidal ideation and attempts as well as other neuropsychiatric disorders.

The environment is key; a purpose-built 12-bed ground floor service with en-suite bedrooms, accessible facilities, multi-functional outdoor space including gardens, additional meeting rooms and therapy spaces with a further two 4 bed bungalows on site. One such bungalow is the service offering those diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder an assessment and treatment facility.

Women diagnosed with functional neurological disorders are presenting to Cygnet Newham House with both motor and sensory deficits. Treatment for this condition requires a specialist pathway utilising a full interdisciplinary approach. Symptoms are severe and complex in their manifestation for this patient group.

At Cygnet Newham House, we take the time to know our service users and identify the rehabilitation goals that are meaningful to them, working closely with our service users, families and carers.

We cater for a wide range of presentations and have a broad range of disciplines within the therapies team, including; consultant neuropsychiatrist, consultant clinical neuropsychologist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, dietician and assistant psychologists, as well as nursing and support workers.

Dr Rowett, consultant neuropsychiatrist, said: “I feel privileged to work in such an exciting and rapidly developing specialty. This is the most comprehensive team I have ever been part of.

“We have come a long way in the last year and are already experiencing success with positive discharges. I am looking forward to future years of success at Cygnet Newham House.”

For more information, contact Rachael Chamberlain on 07872 401048, email rachaelchamberlain@cygnethealth.co.uk or visit www.cygnethealth.co.uk