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‘Dedicate funding to ABI support’

Budget for Brain Injury campaign calls for Chancellor to assign support in spring Budget



Calls are being made for the Chancellor to provide much-needed financial support for people living with acquired brain injury (ABI) in his upcoming spring Budget. 

Headway has launched its Budget for Brain Injury campaign, which is urging Jeremy Hunt to allocate funds to ensure survivors continue to have access to the community rehabilitation services they rely on. 

While the creation of a dedicated cross-departmental ABI Strategy is underway, led by Sir Chris Bryant MP, concerns have been raised that there has been no confirmation of plans to assign funding to the delivery of the project. 

Now, chief executive of Headway, Luke Griggs, has written an open letter to the Chancellor about the need to assign financial support for ABI survivors in his Budget on March 15. 

Welcoming the Government’s commitment to giving the go-ahead for the creation of the ABI Strategy, Griggs raised concerns that this must translate into practical action. 

“We are concerned, however, that the planned launch of the ABI Strategy could coincide with the closure of local Headway charities across the country that are currently facing financial crises,” he wrote in his letter to Hunt. 

“Not only would the closure of these organisations be harmful to the wellbeing of vulnerable survivors and their families, but would lead to individuals seeking more costly state-funded support elsewhere.

“Further, it would mean that specialist services would no longer exist in our communities to deliver the Government’s ABI strategy once it is published.

“As we understand it, there are no plans to assign funding to the delivery of the ABI strategy or to financially support these specialist community-based rehabilitation services.

“That is why we are asking you to use your position as Chancellor to ensure that people living with acquired brain injury continue to receive the services they desperately need.”

As well as writing to the Chancellor, Headway is urging the public to support its Budget for Brain Injury campaign.

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