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Franchising – a sector-leading initiative in case management

How Circle Case Management is supporting case managers to start their own business



Richard Thorp, managing director of Circle Case Management, discusses how the business is offering others a sector-leading route into starting their own business


Along with my partners, Pippa Bird and Yvonne Spijkerman, two of the most highly respected case managers within the industry, we have owned and managed a case management company for nearly ten years.

Managing a mixture of employed case managers and freelance associates, alongside our expert witness and Mental Capacity Assessment services. Case managers often enter the industry without any experience.

With most case managers transferring from clinical settings, Circle Case Management provide training and high levels of admin, clinical and supervisory support, whilst working to create manageable significant caseloads.

We pride ourselves on our case manager retention, with many case managers developing their skills and moving into supervisory and service lead positions. We understand that as clinicians grow, they may want the opportunity to start their own business, as we did, making their own mark within the industry.

Case management is a personal service; case managers develop a close working relationship with a client (P) and their family, we understand that reallocating a case to a different case manager may not be the best option for P.

Disruption to P can have an impact on their recovery and wellbeing and with this in mind, we have created a new route for case managers that would overcome this issue and still give them the pathway to becoming a business owner.

The progression from clinician to business owner can seem like a scary jump to make, especially if the case manager has no business experience. The management of all aspects of case management, business procedures and clinical policies can be a lot for many to manage efficiently, especially with the advent of CQC registration and the growing requirements of instructing solicitors and Insurance companies making sole practice increasingly more demanding.

Knowing what decisions to make in the best interests of your business can be difficult when starting a new company.

Without experience and a deep understanding of the case management and the medio legal industries, costly mistakes can happen with processes which effects the level of service delivered to P. As an established business, we are able to reflect on case managers that have previously left our team to create their own businesses and ask “How can we assist case managers to reach their goals whilst retaining assets within the team that we have invested in?”

As a supportive management team, we wanted to provide another option for case managers to flourish with their own business, whilst also protecting the training, supervision, guidance and support we have invested into the case managers’ progression.

The Circle Case Management Franchise opportunity was the perfect solution – an innovative option that is not available with any other case management service provider across the UK.

Using our many years of business and industry experience alongside our outstanding reputation from our multi-award-winning teams of professionals, Circle Case Management enables ambitious case managers to buy a territory within the UK under the recognised Circle Case Management brand and create their own successful case management business.

We have created a unique launch assist program that will guide case managers into managing their own successful Circle franchise. The program is a full support system for your launch, including business registration, how to market and promote your business, and the clinical procedures and processes to ensure your franchise is a success.

We are launching our first three franchises into the world of small business ownership this autumn, with the support continuing throughout your Circle franchise journey.

Following launch, we will be holding regular business master classes to bring your company to the next level, meetings with our award-winning marketing manager to propel your business, mentoring owners to achieve CGC registered manager status to offer instructors confidence in your company; and helping these ambitious individuals through the maze of taking on their own clerical, clinical teams and associates with the full support of our highly experienced HR team.

Our franchise opportunity will empower case managers to be able to take the leap into business ownership, paired with our experience, they can drive their company forward to the heights of award-winning case management services.

There could be a franchise popping up in your area – watch this space!

To find out more, please visit www.circlecasemanagement.com.