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Neurobehavioural Disability after Acquired Brain Injury: Recent Innovations in Clinical Practice and Delivery is the third annual conference hosted by Elysium Neurological in partnership with Swansea University.

The event, in November, brings together leading experts who will share insights on
 the latest clinical innovations and cutting-
edge developments in the management of challenging behaviour following brain injury.

Among them will be Dr Jessica Fish – clinical psychologist at the Oliver Zangwill Centre
for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation – and
 Dr Richard Maddicks, consultant clinical neuropsychologist at Psychology Chartered.

Also speaking at the event will be Joanna Humphreys and Lucie Phillips, music therapists at Nordoff Robbins, and Professor Nick Alderman, clinical director of neurobehavioural rehabilitation services at Elysium Neurological.

Professor Alderman, who is also an honorary professor at Swansea University’s Department of Psychology, says: “Challenging behaviours arising from neurobehavioural disability have been recognised as posing a greater long term impediment to community integration than physical disabilities. Therefore, it is essential that appropriate rehabilitative intervention is delivered to reduce the financial and social cost to individuals, their families, and society.”

Dr Claire Williams, senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Swansea University, adds: “We are absolutely delighted to be holding a third conference in our series
of events concerning acquired brain injury.

Our varied, dynamic and practical conference programme will support a wide range of rehabilitative practices and will be of interest to all those interested and/or involved in the care of individuals with an acquired brain injury, including case managers, commissioners, rehabilitation and healthcare professionals, clinicians, academics and the legal fraternity.”

The event takes place on the 26 November at the Swansea Marriott Hotel.

Meanwhile, Elysium is also planning a stakeholder event at its Badby Park specialist care centre in Northamptonshire. This event, on 26 September (10am – 1pm), provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals to discuss the many challenges faced by those affected by Huntington’s disease (HD).

Dr Hugh Rickards, consultant in neuropsychiatry at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust, will deliver the keynote lecture at the event focussing on developments within clinical research around HD.

Further details can be found on www.elysiumhealthcare.co.uk.

Elysium Neurological is the neuro division of Elysium Healthcare, one of the UK’s fastest growing private healthcare providers.

Having acquired a number of neurological rehabilitation and complex care services across the UK in
the last 18 months, it is now one of the leading providers of neuro care in the UK. Collaborative events such as its upcoming conferences form an important part of its development.

The company believes sharing ideas among neuro- rehab professionals, educators, legal experts and charities is vital in continuing to drive the field forward for the good of patients and their families.

Its busy programme of stakeholder and continuing professional development events incudes regular ‘Sharing Best Practice’ and ‘Service User’ conferences across the country.

Elysium also hosts brain injury forum gatherings, featuring external speakers, and
is heavily involved in wider initiatives such as Huntington’s Disease Awareness Day and Brain Injury Awareness Week.

For full details of the brain injury conference
in Swansea on 26 November visit: https://abiswan18.eventbrite.com.
Please send enquiries to claire.williams@swansea.ac.uk.

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