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Global therapist community unites through first-of-its-kind conference

Virtually Successful: Rehab in the New Normal will bring together best practice in the latest neurorehab innovation from across the world



A first-of-its-kind conference is being held to unite the international community of therapists working across the world who are using the latest in neurorehab innovation to help benefit the lives of their patients. 

The Virtually Successful: Rehab in the New Normal event will bring together therapists from around the world to look at how neurorehab has changed since early 2020 and what the future now looks like in light of that, both for professionals and patients. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen technology and remote monitoring adopted globally and used like never before, and the significant innovation seen over the past 18 months has led to the development of whole new ways of delivering therapy. 

Many therapists now incorporate some form of technology in their work with patients – be it an app or gamified rehab programme, or use of remote monitoring – which they combine with traditional hands-on rehab, in a way that enables patients to play a greater role in their own recovery than ever before. 

Remote Rehab was established during the pandemic to form a community of such therapists, keen to share best practice from around the world and learn how they could better support their patients through the use of new innovation. 

Since its creation, Remote Rehab has grown into a thriving global platform for the sharing of knowledge, with a host of online resources, support groups, masterclasses, courses, techniques, tools and tips, designed to enable outstanding rehabilitation globally. 

Now, building on its success, Remote Rehab is holding its first conference, Virtually Successful, a five day event which includes an array of expert speakers from around the world, who will share how technology can play a role at the very heart of rehab going forward. 

The conference, supported by NR Times, will be held online from January 24 to 28. 

Leanna Luxton, a neurophysiotherapist and co-founder of Remote Rehab, says we are at a crucial point in time, where many are considering their future use of technology now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. 

“I think we’re now at a time where we could put our heads in the sand and say ‘I’m done with this, I’m not doing it anymore, I’m going back to face to face’,” she says. 

“But as therapists, as much as we may want to do that personally, we have to consider the opportunities we may be missing for our clients in doing that.

“This conference is a call to action for all therapists to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. There are many possibilities in the blended approach to rehabilitation and many opportunities for ourselves, our patients and our services.

“We are all passionate about doing the best for them and through the use of technology – be that assistive technology, robotics, VR, apps – we have to look to the future. 

“If you look at a service, you can look at what you can do face to face and what you can do remotely. What problems need a solution? Could an app help a patient self-manage? Is there a virtual way of communication I could use in support of my in-person visits? 

“There are so many things you can do with telehealth. It’s not just about video calling, it’s not about choosing one or the other. You can do with it what you wish. 

“I do see this as just the beginning and there is so much potential for how it can help us to help patients going forward.” 

To sign up for Virtually Successful, currently at an early bird discount rate, visit here


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