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Neuro rehab technology

Harnessing the power of rehab tech

GripAble discuss the role of cutting-edge tech in transforming rehabilitation



In the evolving world of healthcare, rehabilitation technology has emerged as a revolutionary force, reshaping the way we provide care, improve patient outcomes, and empower individuals on their journey to recovery.

Rehabilitation technology offers remarkable advantages for both clinicians and patients. In this article, we will explore how rehabilitation technology is revolutionising the field of therapy, bridging the gap between current provision and best practice.

Streamlining the rehabilitation processes

Impairment in the upper extremity is a common symptom that affects up to 80 per cent of stroke survivors.

The use of high-intensity upper limb exercise is associated with improved upper limb recovery, and stroke survivors need opportunities to participate in intensive exercise programs.

A lack of resources and low rates of self-exercise present challenges for both clinicians and patients. Rehabilitation technologies offer a solution to these challenges

GripAble is a rehabilitation platform for rehabilitation of the upper limb, combining gamification with highly sensitive calibration, the device is designed to be accessible to those with weak grip or poor range of movement.

The platform offers standardised grip testing as well as games designed to promote high dose movement repetition along with control and precision of movement.

Game parameters can be personalised to an individual’s ability ensuring the just right challenge along their rehabilitation journey.

GripAble simplifies and streamlines the processes and paperwork related to rehabilitation, enabling clinicians to focus more on patient care.

It can help decrease the time that therapists spend on tracking and record keeping through real- time data capture, and report generation.

This gives therapists the opportunity to prioritise other crucial aspects of patient well-being which require direct contact.

The GripAble platform keeps records of all training activities done by a patient during a rehabilitation session, and over time

This supports clinical reasoning (facilitating self management / self directed training) and allows therapists to spend less time keeping those records, and more time engaged with their patients.

Remote data-driven insights

Recently updated National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke, recommends that stroke survivors should be able to access rehabilitation services as new goals or needs arise

To accomplish this, there is a focus on self-directed therapy, along with telerehabilitation as a means to supporting those who need additional input.

Rehabilitation technology can support in this push towards remote and self-directed therapy by providing objective and accurate data.

This empowers healthcare professionals to collect, analyse, and interpret patient information more effectively and supports ongoing clinical reasoning.

Gripable allows continuous monitoring of performance on grip strength and range of movement over time, along with engagement and adherence, supporting clinicians to augment treatment plans and goals accordingly.

The ability to remotely monitor and adjust treatment plans based on real-time data can enhance the quality of care through delivering personalised solutions that are both efficient and impactful

The GripAble platform can be used by patients at home so that therapists can track patient progress remotely.

This empowers therapists to gather more information about patient progress in the time between appointments.

Recent clinical trials show that using GripAble in addition to conventional care increases the amount of repetitions ten fold and doubles the amount of upper limb arm training that stroke survivors engage in.

Gamification: an efficient and accessible tool in rehabilitation technology Gamification is highly effective in rehabilitation because it turns the often-challenging process of therapy into an engaging and enjoyable experience.

Rehabilitation technology is able to use data to enhance gamification. By introducing game elements like rewards, challenges, and competition, patients are more motivated to participate actively in their rehabilitation.

This increased engagement leads to greater adherence to therapy programs and ultimately, improved rehabilitation outcomes.

GripAble offers patients the opportunity to carry out their rehabilitation by playing games.

Studies have shown that this approach helps motivate patients to do more repetitions while training.

Serious fun for better recovery with rehabilitation technology

The integration of rehabilitation technology into rehabilitation represents a transformative force. It is redefining the landscape of patient care, striking the perfect balance between effective rehabilitation and enjoyable engagement.

The future of rehabilitation is here, and it’s powered by rehabilitation technology—where serious fun meets the science of recovery.

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