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Headway urges UK Chancellor to support life after brain injury – for third time



Headway session. Credit: Headway – the brain injury association

Headway – the brain injury association has released an open letter for the third time, calling on the Chancellor to commit to budgeting for brain injury in the upcoming Spring Budget.

As part of Headway’s Budget for Brain Injury campaign – now in its third iteration – Headway strives to highlight the lack of funding available for essential community-based rehabilitation and reablement services for brain injury survivors across the UK.

Headway, the UK-wide charity that works to improve life after brain injury, last wrote to the Chancellor in Autumn 2023, explaining that local Headway charities, which provide specialist reablement services for people living with the effects of brain injury, were facing financial crises.

Headway is now reiterating that the situation has deteriorated, with more charities at breaking point largely due to increased running costs.

In the letter, released today – Monday, 4 March 2024 – Headway CEO Luke Griggs said: “These charities, which support thousands of families affected by brain injury, are at risk of collapse. Should they close, the effect on these families would be devastating.”

The letter outlines that the ‘financial implications’ on local authorities would be significant. For many brain injury survivors, the services provided by their local Headway charity are critical to them continuing to live independently.

The letter stated: “For families, the respite and support they receive can be the difference between a family staying together or a loved one requiring specialist residential living – at a huge cost to the public purse.”

Luke concludes: “In order for brain injury survivors to lead the independent lives they deserve, access to these essential services must be maintained. 

“What is striking is that the likely closures of some local Headway charities across the country could coincide with the publication of the government-led ABI Strategy – designed to prevent brain injury and improve the lives of those affected by it. That’s why we are asking the government to set aside funds for brain injury survivors in the next budget and ensure their words of commitment to survivors are backed up with positive action.”