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Brain injury case management

Holistic rehab explored in webinar series

The four events will explore a number of therapies which can support after life-changing injury



A webinar series will explore different holistic rehabilitation approaches, to support case managers in appointing the professionals to best meet client needs. 

The four-part series, held by BABICM, will explore a range of different therapies which are shown to be effective in supporting survivors after brain injury and other life-changing injury. 

The webinars, held in November, will help case managers develop their knowledge of holistic rehabilitation and be confident in sourcing appropriate rehab professionals. 

The webinars, each held from 11am to midday, will feature:

Week 1  – November 8 – Daniel Thomas, Chroma

The first session series will see involve an introduction to art psychotherapy and dramatherapy, outlining what it entails for both our paediatric and adult clients. 

He will explore the evidence base demonstrating their effectiveness and use case studies to show how these innovative therapies can be applied to everyday practice. 

In line with ensuring due diligence, Daniel will also provide some assistance in outlining what we should be looking for in terms of skills, expertise, and clinical registration for the therapists we may instruct.

Week 2 – November 15 – Liz Williamson, The Speech Group

Focusing on adults, Liz will use case studies to illustrate how cognitive communication disorder can impact on our clients’ functional wellbeing and consider activities, both group and individual, that may be explored to optimally treat. 

Liz will also provide guidance on how to identify an appropriately trained and registered speech and language therapist.

Part 3 – November 22 – Jo McMeechan, Therapy Toolkit HQ

The third session will focus on hippotherapy and equine facilitated learning for both adults and children. 

In this informative presentation, attendees will learn more about this type of approach and the clinical reasoning underpinning its application. 

Using case studies, Jo will bring to life the application of this innovative approach, also advising where the appropriately trained therapists can be sourced.

Part 4 – November 29 – Rebecca McManamon, Urban Dietitian

Rebecca will explore medical nutrition therapy for our complex adult clients across a range of diagnoses including brain injury, spinal cord injury and orthopaedics, clearly outlining the approach and the benefits to it. 

There will be a focus on how this applies throughout the rehabilitation journey. Rebecca will also help guide us to where we can source dietetic professionals from.

Sessions will be live and a recording will be available for one month after the event. The price for the webinar series for BABICM members is £45, or £60 for non members, and booking is now open.

All sessions will be live and a recording will be available for 1 month post event.