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“I aim to hit 10,000 steps a day” What stroke has taught me



Jo Threlfall was only seven-years-old when she lost her dad, after he’d suffered a stroke. Now, she tells SR Times what stroke has taught her…

“I move my body every day as I’ve got this as a non negotiable in my weekly journal/planner” says Jo. By keeping a weekly planner Jo is able to keep track of how active she is being, regular exercise along with a healthy diet is one of the key ways of preventing stroke.

NHS guidance on exercise for stroke prevention is: “For most people, at least 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as cycling or fast walking, every week is recommended.”

Jo keeps very active, she tell us that: “I aim to hit 10,000 steps a day and train up to five times a week in the gym.

She splits her workouts to work on different parts of the body, separating her sessions into two days for upper body, two days for lower body and “then one day for cardio/high intensity interval training, or abs.”

Jo very much has a get up and go attitude to life, she tells us: “I make sure I get out as much as possible in the fresh air and don’t sit for long periods of time.”

Jo highlights the health benefits that this has: “Sitting down for a long time is not good for your circulation.”

In the summer, Jo will switch to more cardio based exercises as she focuses on preparing for fundraising for the Stroke Association. “In the warmer months, I switch up my workout routine and go for runs and prep myself for events to help raise awareness and funds for the stroke association.”

Whilst this exercise benefits her mental and physical health, she tell us the reassurance it gives her: “Not only has exercising regularly helped with my mental and physical health it has reassured me that I’m doing what I can do to make sure I can prevent a stroke.”

On her diet, Jo says she is focused on foods that give her healthy benefits: “I eat foods that are more nutritionally dense and have lots of health properties to build my immune system and strength and take care of my health.”

She also tells us what foods she avoids and tries to eat little of: “I avoid refined/processed foods and don’t eat much red meat as I’ve read articles that show that they contribute to possible blood cots.

“I try avoid eating too much sugar or anything that could spike my sugar levels.”

Jo is a brand PR manager at Embryo, find out more about them here.