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“I had a stroke at a football match”



Meet 51-year-old, Wigan Athletic fan Ian Carter who had a stroke whilst watching his beloved Tics, here he shares his stroke survival story with SR Times.

1st September 2018, Ian attended a home game of his beloved Wigan Athletic, as they hosted Rotherham United in a EFL Championship fixture, in which they won 1-0.

For Ian though, the best result for him that day was surviving a stroke. “I had two bleeds on the brain, it happened whilst I was at the match,” Ian tells us.

 At just 47-years-old at the time of his stroke, Ian fell way below the average age a stroke is likely to occur, with Brain research UK stating stroke is most likely to occur after the age of 55.

Ian’s stroke was caused by an underlying condition that he was none the wiser to, Ian says: “The bleeds were caused high blood pressure I didn’t know I had.”

The high blood pressure had came as a result of Ian overdoing it at the gym, he tells us that he’d often use the rowing machines and that it was pushing himself too much on those that caused him to have high blood pressure.

Ian was in hospital for 11 months after his stroke, being transferred between Salford Royal, Wigan Infirmary and Trafford General. After his stroke Ian has lost his ability to walk and the use of his left arm and hand.

Ian had been making great progress with his physiotherapy “I’d been close to walking with a walking pole,” he tells us. However, Ian would be handed an unfortunate setback.

“I had a kidney stone removed in December, which is something I had been in horrific pain with for nineteen months.

“It knocked my physiotherapy right back.”

Upon recovery from the procedure to remove the kidney stone, Ian is determined to be able to resume his physiotherapy and hopefully return back to the stage of recovery he was at before being set back by the kidney stone.