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Brain injury case management

‘I wanted to be more involved in a client’s rehab and recovery’

Stephanie Curry tells us why she left her role as a paralegal to join AMS Case Management



Stephanie Curry was a paralegal in a law firm, but wanted to feel she played a greater role in client rehab. Here, she tells us why her new role as an assistant case manager at AMS Case Management has been the ideal solution for her


Please tell us about your background

I have been an assistant case manager since July 2021. I work alongside the case managers providing support with everyday living tasks for clients with brain injuries, birth injuries and learning disabilities. 

I was a paralegal at a big law firm, prior to me coming to AMS Case Management. As a paralegal, I worked alongside the solicitor dealing with litigation claims for clients who sustained brain injuries and spinal injuries as the result of a road traffic accident. 

What attracted you to become a case manager assistant and why?

I enjoyed my job as a paralegal and I found it very rewarding, but I wanted to be more involved in the client’s rehab and recovery, so when I heard that AMS were looking for an assistant I applied for the job, and have never looked back. 

What attracted you to AMS specifically?

When I was a paralegal, we worked very closely with AMS, as well as other case management companies, but AMS stood out for me as the work they do for their clients is outstanding and they have their clients’ best interests at heart. The work they do is amazing. The case managers at AMS are very passionate and supportive of each other. I have the pleasure of learning from some great case managers. 

What makes AMS a stand-out name in the marketplace?

AMS has a great reputation with solicitors, clients and their families. They are very proactive. All the case managers at AMS case management are very good at what they do, they have all the clients’ interests at heart, and they will all go above and beyond what is expected. I am so lucky to be a part of a great team and learn from some great case managers. 

Can you share an example of client work which demonstrates how you work and the outcomes you achieve/are working towards achieving?

I work with a client with a brain injury, who at the time I started to work with him, was experiencing low mood and depression. He would question his life and I was very worried about him at one point. I supported my client to attend the GP. After many conversations with the client’s GP we managed to get an appointment with the mental health team. 

My client then started taking anti-depressants but was not taking them regularly due to him forgetting, despite reminders from myself and his mother each morning. We purchased a Pivotel Pill Dispenser which issues an alarm each morning, reminding my client to take his medication. 

My client has now been taking the medication each day for over 12 months and his mood has become stable and he is a lot happier in himself. 

Would you recommend a career in case management and why?

I certainly would recommend a career in case management, it is such a rewarding job, working with clients through their rehab and recovery and helping them to achieve their goals.