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“I was really very lucky” Cyclist Audrey Cordon-Ragot on her future 

“Not everyone is so lucky. Most people are left in the dark, no one takes care of them, and thousands die. I find that terrible.”



Audrey Cordon-Ragot has spoken out on her future after suffering a stroke just before she was meant to travel to Australia to take part in the Road World Championships.

Cordon-Ragot is confident that she will not let her stroke interrupt the last two years of her career.

As previously reported in SR Times, Cordon-Ragot was putting final preparations together in order to travel to Australia for the Road World Championships, however she would miss out after suffering a stroke.

Speaking to L’Equipe she recalls how she began to feel sensations almost like being drunk, along with tingling limbs and ringing ears.

Cordon-Ragot would go to hospital with these symptoms, but would be misdiagnosed, as doctors could not conclude what had happening to her.

She left the hospital with suggestions that she may have diabetes and was prescribed anti-dizziness medication.

It was also reported that she was encouraged to get back on her bike the following day.

Suspicions and Findings

Cordon-Ragot reveals that she had mentioned to her husband that she had a feeling she may of had a stroke, conformation of this would only come after the French Federation made commands for her to undergo an MRI scan in order for her to be deemed fit to travel to Australia.

She says: “If the Federation hadn’t insisted, I’d have got on the plane on the Sunday and it could have been really dramatic. Without anticoagulant, I’d undoubtedly have had another stroke, and this time a big one.

“If I hadn’t had that MRI, I’d have scrapped the time trial at Worlds but I’d still have taken the plane for the road race and I’d have come out handicapped, or I wouldn’t have come out at all. I really was very lucky.”

A heart scan shortly after her diagnosis also revealed the cause of her stroke, a whole in her heart, which she has now gone under an operation to get closed up.

Social Media Backlash

The diagnosis, understandably left her in a period of immense shock, which was only made worse by negative comments on social media.

On the comments, Cordon-Ragot says: “Normally I have a thick skin but that affected me enormously. I couldn’t believe people could criticise at that point without knowing anything.

She further goes on to admit that it was these comments that “pushed [her] to speak publicly about the stroke” even though she wasn’t entirely ready to open up.

Recovery and Awareness

Cordon-Ragot is concerned by the lack of awareness surrounding stroke and now wants to use her voice to help spread awareness.

“Not everyone is so lucky. Most people are left in the dark, no one takes care of them, and thousands die. I find that terrible. 

“I want people to know they’re not alone, that it can happen to anyone. If my example can help people, I will have won the lot.”

Cordon-Ragot is already showing signs of making a strong recovery and hopes to continue her cycling career in 2023. 

“I feel really good now, science is incredible. All there is to do is recover and then start training. I can’t wait.”