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In search of the lost and forgotten rehab patients



Rehab physician and former health system leader Dr Gerda Maissel now dedicates her time to the forgotten complex care patients lost in the mechanisms of American health. Here she tells NR Times about her My MD Advisor mission.

Dr Gerda Maissel is something of a guiding light for neuro-rehab patients lost in the American healthcare system.

The former rehabilitation physician who later spent 12 years in health system leadership, dedicates her time to helping people with complicated healthcare problems navigate their way back to an appropriate pathway through her enterprise, My MD Advisor.

“People get lost in the system a lot here,” she says from her home in New York State.

“Fundamentally, the system which helped people with severe injuries in the past, now provides very short lengths of stay in inpatient, acute rehab settings; and so, people get dumped into sub-acute rehab, where there's not even remotely the level of expertise needed."

Read on for more on the challenges facing rehab patients on the wrong pathway and Dr Maissel's views on how to overcome them.

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