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Introducing Empowering U Case Management (EUCM)



The Jakhu family have owned and operated several care providers in England and Wales for the past 30 years.

After continued success in the sector, Empowering U Complex Care was launched in 2014 to provide complex care to individuals who require support at home and in the community.

The organisation has gone from strength to strength across the Midlands.

Empowering U Case Management (EUCM) was born out of a requirement to build a case management firm that delivers a client-first, collaborative approach to case management.

By sitting under the wider Empowering U umbrella, EUCM have access to a vast amount of expertise and experience gained in the health and social care sector and use this to deliver a unique service, putting the client first in everything they do.

EUCM is led by Barry Lehane, Head of Case Management and Rehabilitation and Jenny Mitchell, Head of Business Operations. Together they hold over 24 years experience within in the field of Case Management.

EUCM have a team of 10 Case Managers, which include Physiotherapists, Registered General Nurses, Registered Mental Health Nurse and Occupational Therapists, who are geographically distributed over the country to enable us to cover each county.

They ensure their case managers have the appropriate skill set as well as the experience of working within a multi-disciplinary team and the ability to advocate for the client.

To underpin all this, they follow EUCM person-centred approach. Through their comprehensive induction and ongoing support and governance, they ensure their case managers are best placed to help their clients optimise their recovery.

When seeking a compassionate, provider of comprehensive case management, one name to consider is EUCM.

Their approach to case management infuses the client’s journey to recovery with a sense of empowerment, ensuring they are directly involved in every aspect of their care, thus aligning with their values “Equality, Unity, Compassion, Maximise Independence.”

A unique approach – equality, unity, compassion, maximise independence

The heart of EUCM’s unique approach lies in its commitment to inculcating an enriching environment for their clients.

They provide an uplifting and supportive service that empathetically respects and upholds the rights, goals, and individual characteristics of each client.

EUCM believes in the power of collaboration – working together with clients, their families, and healthcare professionals to form a robust team with a shared goal.

But key to their approach is motivation; helping clients harness their inner strength and optimism, fuelling progress even in the face of challenging health conditions.

Comprehensive services

EUCM offers a broad range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

Their services encompass case management for adults and children with complex needs and long-term conditions, providing the support they need when they need it, in a respectful and dignified way.

They hold firm to the belief that each client deserves individualised care that comprehensively addresses their unique needs and circumstances.

Empowerment at the core

One of the defining features of EUCM is an unwavering commitment to empower clients and their families on their journey to recovery or improved quality of life.

Their person-centred approach helps clients navigate complex healthcare systems, making informed decisions about their care and making their voices heard.

They strive to equip clients and their families with the confidence to actively participate in their care.

Their blend of care coordination, detailed knowledge of the healthcare landscape, and an absolute focus on empowering individuals with complex needs offers a life-changing service to clients and their families.

Through their remarkable work, EUCM continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in case management, contributing significantly to better outcomes for clients and their families in the UK.

While the journey to recovery or adjustment can often seem daunting, providers like EUCM underscore the fact that with the right support, collaboration, and unyielding motivation, the path ahead can be navigated with dignity, respect, and empowerment.


EUCM are committed to continuously improving the quality of our services and safe-guarding the high standards of case management which they offer.

They ensure that the stakeholders are in good hands and that the team are functioning at their highest potential.

All of their case managers are registered with their individual professional bodies, which is checked on a regular basis during audits.

On top of their professional body, they are registered with BABICM and/or CMSUK. They all work to the codes of conduct released by BABICM and CMSUK. EUCM are up to date with the status of the IRCM.

EUCM provide a robust and in depth induction to all their case managers, even if they have been in case management for several years.

Regular clinical supervisions, training and team days are held to ensure that EUCM uphold their high standard of clinical governance.

Find out more about Empowering U and empoweringu.co.uk

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