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Neuro rehab technology

Introducing the MetaMotus Galileo

How the latest robot from Fourier Intelligence ups the ante in rehab tech further still



The pioneering MetaMotus™ Galileo device is the latest innovation from Fourier Intelligence, bringing together rehabilitation with robotics to help advance the next generation of neuro-rehab even further. NR Times learns more 


The MetaMotus™ Galileo, unveiled at RehabWeek 2023, is a biomechanics analysis and rehabilitation platform, which integrates both virtual reality (VR) and robotics.

The Galileo system aims to be the most advanced rehabilitation system by integrating a 6-DoF Stewart platform, 6-component force plate, LED curved screen, dual-belt treadmill, dynamic weight support, motion capture system, rehabilitation robotics, exercise therapy equipment and human- computer interaction software.

It supports humanoid robot training, testing and assessment by creating a diverse yet controlled environment, both for rehabilitation and for research.

Zen Koh, co-founder and global CEO of Fourier Intelligence, hailed the platform as a key step in its ongoing mission to change patients’ lives and outcomes through rehabilitation technology.

“The MetaMotus™ Galileo stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the relentless pursuit of research, refinement, and innovation in the realm of healthcare platforms and devices, all dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of our patients,” he said.

“In line with our overarching vision of fostering an integrated rehabilitation ecosystem driven by cutting-edge technologies, we are propelling the evolution of Rehab 4.0.

“The Galileo system represents our dedication to crafting a state-of- the-art rehabilitation solution that empowers training, testing, and assessment within an inclusive, secure, and meticulously controlled environment.”

ICF (International Classification of Functioning) in Rehabilitation with MetaMotus™ Galileo

In the ICF, functioning and disability are multi-dimensional concepts relating to: the body functions and structures of people, and impairments the activities of people (functioning at the level of the individual) and the activity limitations they experience the participation or involvement of people in all areas of life and the participation restrictions they experience (functioning of a person as a member of society) the environmental factors which affect these experiences (and whether these factors are facilitators or barriers).

The MetaMotus™ Galileo was developed to focus on the functionality of a person as a member of society, considering the functionality of an individual when performing their daily tasks.

With its patient assessment capabilities, it can train patients for real-life scenarios.

Helping them regain full independence upon leaving the healthcare facility and achieve functional independence, allowing them to reintegrate into society after life-changing injury or illness.

Through the Galileo X Control & Data Acquisition Hub, therapists and healthcare providers can assess and train patients’ walking stability, posture, speed, and endurance using cutting-edge technologies such as the built- in 6-component force plates, motion capture, surface EMG, and telemetry electrocardiography.

The MetaMotus™ Galileo also aims to provide full spectrum rehab training from early to later stages, allowing wheelchair, balance, and walking training.

For more advanced users, multi- tasking and anti-interference training is available.

To find out more, visit fourierintelligence.com.