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Join JK House at the stroke rehab workshop in Texas



JK House will conduct stroke workshops at Anytime Fitness New Braunfels from October 17 to October 21.

The event will take place between October 17 at 9am and October 21 at 5pm at Anytime Fitness New Braunfels, and it will be conducted by JK House lead trainer Kieron Franklin. 

The workshop will give stroke survivors a chance to increase their potential rehabilitation, working on balance, posture, strength, functional use and more ways to hopefully increase the use of the effected limbs.

JK House rehab training programs have helped many survivors gain better use of their affected limbs as Kieron has worked in many countries such as England, America, Hungary, Scotland and Wales. 

If interested in attending the event you must complete some assessment forms before the beginning of the training. After completing them, you will be offered other ways to further your recovery. Click here to complete the form. 

JK House Training Centre has helped many people achieve their fitness goals, from rehabilitation after stroke, to weight loss, improving general health or building up to an endurance event. 

JK House work with stroke survivors to achieve self-reliance as far as possible by devising physical coping strategies, practising functional movements to perform everyday tasks better and stroke-specific resistance training. This can help:

  • Correct your balance and posture
  • Improve your coordination and timing
  • Increase your flexibility and stamina
  • Increase your muscular, tendon and ligament strength
  • Increase your confidence and remove your fear of the consequences of exercising
  • Increase your ability to perform everyday tasks and progressively more self-sufficient
  • Become productive in an occupation or past-time
  • Increase your self-esteem and be happy with life

JK House programmes offer a tailored training regime for each individual, which revolves around functional movement with task-related exercises. 

To sign up for the stroke rehab workshop in Texas click here.

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