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Neuro rehab therapies

Leading the race to stop neurodegenerative disease progression



NR Times meets Coya Therapeutics’ founder and CEO Howard Berman as he closes in on his mission to halt ALS / motor neurone disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.  

“Even if we see results that are half as good what we’ve already seen, this is going to change the way ALS is treated,” says Howard Berman, founder and CEO of Coya Therapeutics.

The results he points to, which caused much excitement in the neuroscience research community last month, showed four people with ALS treated with Coya’s immune modulating therapy experienced a significant slowing of disease progression.

ALS is the most common form of motor neurone disease (MND), while, in the US, it is also the umbrella term for MND.

Coya's therapy has emerged from the Nasdaq-listed firm’s pursuit of treatments based on the enhancement of the function of regulatory t cells (Tregs) in the immune system.

Read on to find out how Coya aims to build on its early promising results to change the outlook for people with ALS / motor neurone disease and wider neurodegenerative diseases. Also, we hear how the neuro-rehab community is helping to drive new treatment possibilities and why Tregs are becoming so important to our understanding of brain conditions. 

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