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Maggie Goldberg announced as CEO of Reeve Foundation



A new CEO has been announced by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation to help advance its efforts to find a cure for spinal cord injury even further. 

Margaret (Maggie) Goldberg becomes President and CEO of the Foundation, having long served on its leadership committee and helping to drive its mission by advancing innovative research and improving the quality of life for individuals and families impacted by paralysis.

In her new role, she will unveil a fresh approach to the Foundation’s research portfolio and establish new collaborative partnerships to bring greater awareness and attention to the needs of the paralysis community.

Maggie Goldberg

Maggie becomes only the second female CEO in the Reeve Foundation’s history, with it set to embark on its 40th anniversary year in 2022.

At 16 years old, Maggie broke her C2 vertebrae as a passenger in a car accident. She recovered fully, but her injury set her on a mission-driven career path to work on behalf of the paralysis community. 

Working closely with Christopher and Dana Reeve, she helped establish the only national paralysis-focused organisation centreed around a dual mission – Today’s Care. Tomorrow’s Cure®.

“Throughout my career, my mission has been to ensure that people living with paralysis are supported to live empowered and independent lives,” she says. 

“As CEO, I will continue to advocate and push to accelerate research toward cures, expand community outreach, and provide resources to elevate the voices and needs of our community and achieve greater representation. Those living with paralysis must have a seat at the table to achieve real equality.”

Maggie has dedicated over 20 years to the Reeve Foundation and its community, holding numerous executive roles at the Foundation during her tenure. 

Most recently, she served as Chief Operating Officer, providing the leadership, management, and vision to strategically grow the organisation. Prior to that, she served as Vice President of Policy and Programs, which included overseeing the Foundation’s National Paralysis Resource Center (PRC). 

The PRC – funded by an $8.7 million-dollar federal cooperative agreement from the Administration for Community Living, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – provides comprehensive information, resources and referral services to individuals impacted by paralysis. 

Since its opening in 2002, more than 110,000 people have received one-on-one assistance from the PRC, accessing vast resources and free personalised support from its programs. Goldberg has also served as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, a position she held for 13 years. 

Among Maggie’s highest priorities in her new role is launching a modern approach to the Foundation’s scientific endeavours – a new platform for funding collaborative research from the bench to the bedside, designed to address key roadblocks along the scientific continuum and accelerate progress toward meaningful therapeutics. 

In the past 40 years scientific research begun in earnest to address SCI and today innovative therapies and cures are finally in sight.

“The Reeve Foundation has long focused on uniting the brightest minds in the field to develop and deliver real-world treatments that will move the field closer to cures for spinal cord injury,” says Maggie. 

“Now, more than ever, this requires global coordination and collaboration among SCI stakeholders, scientific and medical leadership, regulatory bodies and purposeful investors. 

“Also paramount to clinical translation is an ecosystem and funding that supports all aspects of therapeutic development – from clinical trial design to regulatory approval to reimbursement, and more.

“Novel partnerships between advocacy groups and medical innovators can more effectively drive solutions forward to market. Success lies in the creation of collaborative frameworks designed to overcome traditional hurdles and dramatically speed the pace of progress.”

Jay Shepard, board Chair, Reeve Foundation, adds: “Maggie has been a devoted and powerful presence within the Foundation and for the spinal cord injured community, providing hands-on support and partnership for more than 20 years.

“Her expertise, dedication, and passion will be invaluable in her role as CEO as we advance our mission to bring tangible cures and treatments to the community and improve the lives of all those impacted by paralysis. 

“There was no one better suited to lead this revered organisation, and I’m excited to continue working alongside her in this new chapter for the Reeve Foundation.”


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