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Man who had stroke whilst driving taken to court



Stephen Ellis, Salford, stroke survivor, has shared his horrific experience of having a severe stroke whilst driving and then being wrongfully accused of dangerous driving after he crashed due to the visual impairments caused by the stroke.

Stephen had collided with a parked car outside of a school as he lost vision in his left eye as he experienced a severe stroke.

The stroke would also leave Stephen unable to walk, talk or read. At the scene police officers gave him a ticket as they were oblivious to the seven stroke that he had suffered.

After the crash, Stephen, father-of-three, was not able to recall his date of birth or where he lived. Scans would show that Stephen had a large blood clot in his brain.

On the discovery he had indeed suffered a stroke, Stephen says: “It was the biggest shock of my life, my wife knew there was something horrendously wrong. When they told me I’d had a stroke, I was like, what? I was completely out of it.”

Manchester Evening News reports that after being taken to court, the police argued that Stephen had refused medical help following the crash and that he also did not provide any evidence of his medical condition.

Stephen claims that the police officer who attended the scene had not offered any medical assistance and that he provided all the necessary evidence.

The case was eventually dropped before trial by the police.

Stephen tells Manchester Evening News: “I wrote my car off – the stress I was under was insane. My wife thought I was going to have another stroke. Despite all my efforts to convince West Yorkshire Police that the incident was the result of a stroke, they refused to let it drop and had me appear in court.”

Stephen would spend the next year learning how to walk, talk and read again. On his recovery, Stephen says: “Learning how to walk and talk again was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

After making an extraordinary recovery, Stephen plans to complete the famous treck from John O’Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall.

Stephen started his treck on May 1st and has so far made it back home to the North West and will shortly resume after dropping in at the Salford Lads Club.

Stephen is currently making the famous treck from John O’Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall. Image credit: Stephen Ellis

Stephen is fundraising throughout the treck for the Calderdale Royal Hospital, where he recovered from his stroke, and also for a Calderdale stroke group which he attends monthly.

Speaking on the incident, a spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police, says:   “Police took a report of a collision on Towngate Road, Brighouse on 25 March 2022 where a vehicle crashed into two parked cars.

“Officers identified the driver who declined any medical attention at the scene. He was subsequently reported for driving without due care and attention.

“Following consideration of the relevant medical evidence, the offence was later withdrawn before the case was due to proceed to trial on 27 February 2023.”