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Brain injury case management

Meet the case manager: Karin Bayley, Keystone Case Management



In this edition, we hear from Karin Bayley, Case Manager, Children, Teenagers & Young Adults at Keystone Case Management

A case manager, you particularly like working with children and young people with complex disabilities and needs. Why is that?

Because they are such fun!

Play features as a main occupation and so I get to spend time playing! I find that they are a joy to work with and the way in which they deal with their challenges is just very inspiring to adults.

I find the complexity of needs is fascinating – for example, in how a complex brain injury can impact on a person’s life in so many ways.

But also, it is hopeful work due to younger brains being more pliable and having a longer duration to effect change and give a young person the best chance of recovery. 

Interacting with the family is an incredibly rewarding aspect of working with children and young people.

What are the main differences between being a treating occupational therapist (OT) for children and being a case manager?

Being an OT usually means being part of a multidisciplinary team and having one aspect of the child that I am focused on and responsible for – their ability to carry out the activities in their daily life that they need or want to be able to do.

Often times, you do not necessarily know the whole story about the person. 

As a case manager, my focus shifts to considering every aspect a person’s life and what is required for that individual to live a fulfilling life and then coordinate what is needed.

So, I am overseeing the whole team, if you like, rather than being one part of it, coordinating, following up team members and evaluating what is needed next. 

Which of your occupational therapy skills are crucial to your work as a case manager for children with complex needs? Does the assessment differ?

I’ve been trained to assess and think about what the person was doing in their everyday life pre-injury and what they are now doing (post-injury) and to figure out a way or plan forward.

This is an essential approach as a case manager.

My OT experience assists me to further assess and note any motor or sensory difficulties the child or young adult might be having and how these may impact on their functional ability.

Building rapport with the client and their family is an essential skill, as is listening to them, communicating effectively, being able to organise and plan, as well as discuss goals and provide recommendations.

Is there a current goal you have with a client that you are particularly looking forward to helping them achieve?

Yes, there is a young person who is not very keen on being at school for various reasons following an injury they sustained.

I am really looking forward to seeing them enrolled, happily attending school again and being additionally supported by tutors if necessary.

Other professionals’ assessments and input are needed from both statutory and privately funded services too. It’s like putting a jigsaw together!

Why Keystone Case Management?

Why not?!!

The support offered is incredible both online, in person, one to one, team, admin and peer support.

The amount of time and resources given for training, guidance and advice is not something I have experienced previously and really appreciate.

There’s a great team spirit and atmosphere that is tangible, even when we are working virtually.

How relevant is the IRCM to your role do you think?

It is very relevant.

Like any governing body it provides standards, it guides, informs, and keeps members updated with changes.

I think it is good to know that there is a big focus on getting case managers properly registered as it creates a standard to adhere to. 

What hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

I live quite near a river and really enjoy paddleboarding on it with my family.

I also like to attend classical music concerts, walk my dog and whenever I can, travel to other places in the world. 

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