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MindMaze to develop new therapies with £8million funding



A Swiss consortium led by brain technology company MindMaze has won a prestigious Innosuisse Flagship award which it will use to build new treatment models for stroke, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury.

SwissNeuroRehab will leverage the 11.2 million CHF [£8.9 million] to create programs which combine neurotechnology and the latest digital therapeutics.

The project aims to create neurorehabilitation models for stroke, TBI and spinal cord injury which affect 15,000, 5,000 and 150 people respectively each year in Switzerland alone.

John Krakauer, MD, chief medical and scientific advisor at Swiss neurotechnology firm and project partner MindMaze, said:

“With SwissNeuroRehab, we will set out to test novel digital therapeutic interventions for the treatment of neurological disease and neurological injury.”

Andrea Serino, project coordinator of SwissNeuroRehab at the University Hospital of Lausanne, added:

“The model will offer a long-term solution for acquired neurological injuries in the Swiss health system first, but its innovative ambition can develop solutions that can apply universally.

“We look forward to piloting a model that will then generalize globally.”

The collaboration involves various rehabs, university hospitals, technical schools and industry partners alongside MindMaze.

As well as the therapeutical goals, the project will propose a reimbursement system and new educational methods for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers in stroke and elsewhere.

MindMaze’s interactive MindPod game was installed at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital (RBH) in October last year.

Stroke patients use upper body movements to control an animated dolphin called Bandit, exploring an ocean environment and catching fish using movement tracking technology.

The system can also be combined with an anti-gravity device to support patients with very limited upper limb mobility to play the game.