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MotusAcademy and Oritel Group sign MoU to advance rehab tech



MotusAcademy recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Oritel Group.

Based in Latin America, the Oritel Group is dedicated to providing and developing rehabilitation, and inclusion services for children and teenagers with disabilities.

With aligned missions to improve rehabilitation services’ quality, both MotusAcademy and the Oritel Group are committed to promoting scientific research within the industry, MotusAcademy said in a press release

The new partnership aims to strengthen and foster greater cooperation between the two parties, focusing on driving further advancements in rehabilitation technology.

It will also explore new avenues for collaboration to drive innovative and effective rehabilitation solutions for patients, leveraging their collective expertise, network and resources to fuel transformative changes in the healthcare industry.

Zen Koh is Co-Founder and Executive Director of MotusAcademy.

He said: “Collaboration is key to advancing the rehabilitation industry, as it enables industry partners to forge closer ties and share knowledge and technology for the betterment of the sector.

“We see this MOU as a significant milestone in our mission to drive innovation in healthcare.

“With the participation of the Oritel Group, we anticipate that this partnership will foster even greater innovation through our collaborative efforts, allowing us to exchange knowledge and resources in rehabilitation technology.”

MotusAcademy is an association committed to providing continuous education and valuable insights into robotics and advanced technologies applied to healthcare, with a particular focus on rehabilitation, therapy, and functional independence.

The association promotes scientific advances, research, and innovation through comprehensive educational programmes, events and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

Zen Koh, who is also Co-Founder of Fourier Intelligence, was awarded ‘Rehab Leader of the Year’ at the 2023 NR Times Awards.

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