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Nature in neurorehabilitation – an untapped resource?



This spring, healthcare professionals will meet outside of the therapy room to explore the benefits that nature connection can bring to their work.

Dr Claire McDonald, a neuropsychologist and one of the organisers of the event, tells NR Times why nature is an untapped resource for neurorehab. 

We’ve all felt the relief of leaving our desks and taking a walk to our nearest green space. But the benefits are not just in our head. 

There is actually a wealth of scientific evidence to support activities such as forest for our mental and physical health, much of this originates from Japan, where forest bathing is an ancient practice and the government now recommends people spend at least two hours in nature per month. 

Neurons and Nature is a non-profit festival bringing together nature connection, community and clinical practice. 

The event takes place for the first time at the Down to Earth Project in Murton, Swansea, where experts in nature-based therapies—alongside the nature-curious—will celebrate and showcase the evidence-base on nature therapies and their role in neurorehabilitation. 

While there are some unique challenges for individuals with neurological conditions in terms of connecting with nature, the benefits can be significant, for them and their caregivers. 

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