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NCMUK: an expanding business with family values at its core

The family-run case management company continues to grow, but remains as committed as ever to its clients and team



In the latest in our series of case management focus features, NR Times meets Martin Gascoigne of NCMUK, who discusses the ongoing growth of the family-run business and its uncompromising commitment to clients and staff  


Tell us why NCMUK was established and what was the ambition at the outset? 

NCMUK is first and foremost a family-run case management company with its head office based in South Yorkshire established by my wife, Maria, and myself in 2010. 

Having previously been employed as a Senior Social Worker, I decided that I wanted to improve the health and wellbeing of those people needing neurological support. Our aim was to provide a “Jewel and the Crown” service within the realm of brain and spinal Injury rehabilitation. 

Martin Gascoigne

I understood that this was a big task but I felt that with my vast experience and contacts gained within the care sector, I would be able to step forward and create an environment where people with these conditions could flourish with the help of the right professionals. 

With the right team, a determined outlook and a mission to remain transparent at all times, whilst providing a continued professional service at an affordable cost, Neuro Case Management became a reality. 


How has the business developed over time?

During the very early stages of the business NCMUK was simply my wife and I working towards providing Mental Capacity Assessments, Initial Needs Assessments and Benefits Reviews for solicitors and their clients based within the Yorkshire area. 

This soon expanded, we took on new team members including an operations director, PA and permanent support staff. We extended our professional contact lists with Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and so on. 

We grew not only in experience but also in determination to achieve our original goal of providing the highest quality service to ensure the improvement in the health and welfare of those we were assisting via advocacy, communication and education at an affordable rate. 

As a family-run business we are committed to both our clients and our highly experienced and professional team of staff who maintain NCMUK’s vision and values. 


How did the team respond to the significant challenges of COVID-19?

NCMUK are ultimately a care management organisation and our care team are dedicated to providing the highest quality of support to all of our clients even throughout COVID. 

Although times were difficult and obtaining PPE often challenging, no-one was furloughed and all of the support staff continued to visit homes following the Government guidelines set. 

The administrative team worked from home during the initial stages and assessments which could still be carried out, such as Mental Capacity Assessments, were done so via Zoom or telephone if the client was happy to proceed in this manner. 

Going forward we will still provide the option of Zoom assessments where these are acceptable to the instructing solicitors/families. Additional choice is always beneficial in any organisation. 


What are your priorities going forward?

NCMUK’s priorities remain the same, as a family business we are all about the health and welfare of our clients and this will never change. 

COVID did, however, provide us with options as to how to proceed outside of the standard face to face visits providing the opportunity to reduce costs/charges even further due to the limited travel requirements. 

It reinforced the importance of employing a team of hardworking and dedicated staff who will continue to provide their services to a high level even throughout difficult times. Putting their vulnerable clients first whilst still following ever changing rules and regulations set. 

The Zoom assessment system will continue, therefore, to be available to those clients who feel that this is more beneficial to them and the case management team will continue to contact the clients via telephone on a more regular basis to extend the communication network further to the Pandemic providing additional reassurance. 


What does the long-term future look like for NCMUK? 

NCMUK’s ambition has not changed, our aim is still to continue to grow within the case management industry whilst remaining a family-run business, to continue to provide the highest level of services to all of its clients and to continue to work with its established team of staff and professionals moving forward. 

During the pandemic NCMUK was able to take the time to re-establish its website – – which shows where we came from and all of the areas that we are now able to assist in. 

NCMUK has always been committed to its future and the future of its clients and colleagues. It will continue with this commitment with dedication, positivity and understanding. 


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