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NRC Medical Experts opens new office

Addition of a London base marks a significant step in its ongoing expansion



The expansion of NRC Medical Experts in the medico-legal sector is continuing with the opening of a new London office. 

The business is also adding to its team with the opening of its office in Victoria, and is a key step in the further development of NRC Medical Experts. 

Working closely with its head office in Newcastle, it now has further capacity to offer both expert witness services and clinical oversight to legal teams and the courts.

“We are delighted to open our new London office and welcome our new team members,” said Heather Lawrence, chair of NRC Medical Experts.

“This marks a significant milestone in our growth and offering as we continue to expand and develop our medico-legal services to meet the needs of our customers within personal injury, catastrophic injury and clinical negligence law.”

Neuro-rehab specialists Dr Edmund Bonikowski and Professor Mike Barnes established NRC Medical Experts in 2015 to provide solicitors, barristers and the courts with the highest standards of expertise in neurological rehabilitation. 

With the launch of NRC Clinical Practice in 2021 and the growth of its capacity through the recruitment of over 40 leading experts – the largest and most experienced network of medical experts in neuro-rehab in the UK – the organisation can now offer an even broader range of services including medico-legal reports, expert witness testimony and better patient outcomes through expert clinical oversight of rehabilitation and recovery. 

Its new London office will provide access to medical experts across many specialties including neuro-rehab, neurology, neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology. 

Founder Dr Bonikowski said: “We are committed to always providing excellent customer service and believe that having a presence in both Newcastle and London allows us to do just that. 

“We look forward to continuing this journey together and helping more colleagues across the legal sector access high quality medico-legal services and expert medical opinion.” 

NRC Medical Experts is committed to providing world-class medical expert witness reports and services to legal teams supporting individuals living with the impact of catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries, and other disabling neurological conditions.  

Search NRC’s Expert Witness Directory to find a medico-legal expert.