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Online wellbeing programme supports people with Parkinson’s

4D Life offers exercise and nutrition and aims to help people live well with the condition



A new online fitness and wellbeing programme has been created to help people with Parkinson’s enjoy a more active lifestyle and manage their symptoms.  

Supported by grant funding from Parkinson’s UK, 4D Life has developed an online exercise and nutrition programme which it is hoped will allow more people with Parkinson’s to improve their wellbeing and live well with the condition. 

Working with physios, activity providers, nutritionists and Parkinson’s professionals, 4D Life offers a comprehensive range of online resources, workout videos, support tools and tips to help people get started and enjoy being active with the condition.   

4D Life has developed four areas to support people with Parkinson’s to manage their symptoms, lift their mood and live well with the condition: 

  • Movement – showing you how to manage symptoms through cardio exercise, strength training, flexibility, mobility and walking 
  • Nutrition – the best eating plans and food to help manage Parkinson’s 
  • Function – covering topics like breathing, posture, balance and brain training
  • Lifestyle – how good daily habits can lift your mood and improve wellbeing

The funding for the new online programme has been designed to take much of the cost away, to allow more people living with the condition to start their active journey online. 

Nick Berners-Price, managing director at 4D Life, said: “We are delighted to be working with Parkinson’s UK on our fitness and wellbeing programme for people with Parkinson’s. Being active when you have Parkinson’s can have a number of benefits, such as helping to lift your mood and improving balance, strength and coordination. 

“4D Life can give you the tools to start your physical activity journey and help you to live well with Parkinson’s. The four-dimensional approach gives you so many ways to improve your symptoms and feel better – and it can help you enjoy being active with the condition.”

The funding allows all participants to access the programme for £12.75 for four weeks’ membership. Visit 4D Life to find out more about the new programme – – or email