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PsychWorks Associates – a new brand identity to represent who we are

Learn more about how the logo depicts the case management and treating psychological therapy specialist’s ethos and beliefs



As a team whose values underpin everything we do, it was crucial that they came across in our recently-unveiled new PsychWorks Associates brand identity. 

We are a trauma-informed case management and treating psychological therapy service who take great pride in doing things differently, in standing out from the crowd to lead and inspire change in the way we work as a sector. Our diverse and multi-lingual teams are testament to this mission.

Our commitment to making a difference comes from the core values we have at PsychWorks Associates – those of compassion, respect, equality, acceptance, trust and environmental concsiousness. By happy coincidence, these values spell out CREATE – a word we feel is very appropriate in our work and our approach. 

In devising our new identity, it was vital that we worked closely as an entire clinical and administrative team, in gathering the views of everyone as to what PsychWorks Associates means to them, what makes us truly different, and what makes our associates and administrators proud to do the job they do. We used principles from psychology, referring to ‘values-based living’ cards (a process borrowed from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to co-create something that resonated deeply with us all. 

So collectively, we are proud to reveal our new branding, and with it our new logo and website. Together, we believe they help illustrate who we are, what we believe in, and the difference we want to make to our clients and in the medico-legal space more widely. 

Our logo depicts a kite – something chosen to represent freedom, helping people  to fly high to reach their potential, whilst being grounded, anchored and secure. 

This approach is relevant to our clients and team members alike – just as our logo shows, our clients are always front and centre of the whole process, their interests are paramount at every stage, as we work hard to secure the very best outcome for them. 

But equally for our team, we want to foster the skills, freedom and safety to thrive, to develop as individual clinicians and as part of a forward-thinking, creative team.

The colours in our logo also have significance – purple represents wisdom, creativity, independence and dignity. Pink was chosen for its ability to represent inspiration, warmth, comfort and hope. Within its deeper shades, it conveys passion and energy.

We believe that not only does our new brand identity help us stand out through its simple, unique style and use of colour, but most importantly, it helps to tell our story in one creative concept. 

Our bold identity is one that helps to show our approach – one which is enabling us to expand beyond our core London and South East base of clients and clinicians to locations across the country, working with like-minded individuals and organisations who share our commitment to doing things differently. 

Our core values are central to how we operate as a business, and two that resonate particularly strongly with us as a team are those of equality and the environment. 

Working in London, our clients are rich in diversity – but traditionally have not been supported by an equally diverse range of clinicians. We realised this mismatch needed to be addressed. 

At PsychWorks Associates, our fast-growing team of 25 psychologists and case managers collectively speak over 15 languages, and hail from a variety of cultural backgrounds – something we believe is hugely important in giving the clients a representative professional body from which to have more choice, adding an element of psychological safety that is fundamental to their rehabilitation.

Equally, the environment is another great passion of ours, and is another area in which we are keen to lead from the front. We are developing a plan for how we as a service can reduce our impact on the planet through our operations – in playing our role in this crucial global issue, we hope to inspire others to do so too. 

Through the story of our new identity and especially through our website, we hope you will learn more about PsychWorks Associates: the role we play, the way we work, and our desire to lead positive, inclusive change.

We are also keen to add excellent new candidates to our dedicated team of associates. As we grow, and work with new organisations in the medico-legal space, we are keen to attract those who share our vision of what outstanding trauma-informed case management and claims-aware psychological therapy should look like. 

If that describes you, we would love to speak with you – there’s lots of information on our new website at or contact us on [email protected]


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