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Reflections on a successful RehabWeek 2023

General chair Zen Koh shares his pride at the event, held in Asia for the first time, which pushed new boundaries in collaboration



Having been held in Asia for the first time, RehabWeek 2023 has been hailed by delegates as being a huge success. 

Here, general chair Zen Koh shares his thoughts on the event, and the opportunities this is set to present for neuro-rehab businesses in Asia and globally


The success of RehabWeek has been hailed as playing a key role in building new links between the East and West in their commitment to advancing neuro-rehab. 

The bi-annual event was held in Singapore for 2023, and was supported by the Singapore Government and businesses across Asia in showcasing how the continent is contributing to advances in cutting-edge rehab tech. 

RehabWeek secured record numbers of exhibitors and attendees came from across the globe, and included a number of new attractions including an Investor Forum and increased social opportunities for global delegates. 

The major event – which was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore – was led by Fourier Intelligence, with its co-founder and global CEO, Zen Koh, being general chair of RehabWeek 2023. 

“This was a monumental moment for us in Asia and it provided an exceptional platform for companies working here,” Zen tells NR Times. 

“We had the most exhibitors we’ve ever had at RehabWeek and a global and diverse audience – we had thousands of delegates from as far away as North America, Europe, and very healthy participation from Asia. It was a very good mix. 

“I think this has created a very sustainable and very cohesive network between the East and West, bridging the gap across the world.

“The global audience allowed us to foster communication and promote interaction and innovation, which I think have planted the seeds for future extensive collaboration.”

Zen Koh with the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore

The involvement of the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Heng Swee Keat – himself a stroke survivor – demonstrated to delegates the importance of the event to the country and the wider continent. 

“He was very emotional during his opening speech because he has personally experienced a stroke seven years ago, he shared his journey and I think people really resonated with what he said,” says Zen. 

“The fact he was there was huge. This level of support will be instrumental in accelerating the adoption of what we are doing in Asia. It showed the commitment of the Government to supporting this sector, and it endorses the work we are doing in developing cutting-edge robotics and AI-driven technologies. 

“People were shocked that the Deputy Prime Minister was there, but that is how important this event is, and this sector is, to us. Everyone was so charged and motivated by this. I think it will push the boundaries of what we’re doing in rehabilitation globally even further.”

As the first rehab tech company to secure investment from a mainstream lender, Fourier Intelligence is seen as a trailblazer within the sector – a status they are keen to use to support others. 

This was at the root of the creation of the first-ever Investor Forum, which brought businesses working in rehab tech globally face to face with major investors including Softbank and Saudi Aramco. 

“This was another overwhelming success, and was the first time investors have been present in this way,” says Zen. 

“It gave the chance for companies, clinicians, researchers, anyone working in this area to ask questions and have interactions with investors. If they want to start up or spin off companies, they had the chance to ask investors directly about this. It was a huge opportunity. 

“We also introduced more social opportunities, so delegates could meet with each other informally. There was a great party, and people were having so much fun we literally had to chase them out at the end! But this is how relationships are built, and we are still seeing interaction on LinkedIn from that even now, which is showing its lasting impact.”

Zen was also keen to praise his team at Fourier Intelligence for their work in making RehabWeek the success it became. 

“It was a lot of hard work – it is a moment of pride, but also a significant learning curve. We have never done anything on such a large scale,” he reflects. 

“It took more than a year of meticulous planning and coordination with various stakeholders, including the Governments of Singapore and Shanghai, and dealing with different timezones for those involved from America and Europe.  

“There were many challenges and many, many sleepless nights, but the effort was undoubtedly worth it.”