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Neuro rehab technology

RehabWeek sees launch of latest Fourier robot

The event – which was held in Asia for the first time and draws neuro-rehab professionals globally – unveiled the Galileo



Professionals working in neuro-rehab from across the world gathered at RehabWeek 2023, which was held in Asia for the first time, and saw the launch of the latest pioneering piece of rehab tech from Fourier Intelligence. 

The bi-annual event is the world’s largest congregation of experts and entrepreneurs in rehabilitation, and was held in Singapore this time – the home of Fourier Intelligence, a global leader in rehab robotics and artificial intelligence. 

RehabWeek brings together the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovation from around the world that are helping to support patient outcomes, and again saw professionals from across the continents congregate to facilitate knowledge sharing and advancement. 

In honour of its significance to Singapore – and its importance in positioning Asia as a global hub for rehabilitative technology and care – Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies, Mr Heng Swee Keat, was the Guest of Honour at the official opening ceremony.

The week-long event – from September 24 to 28 – saw a variety of industry-driven activities, such as an investor forum, scientific programmes, global workshops, and keynote lectures from renowned experts. 

Fourier Intelligence also organised an industry workshop titled: “The Spectrum of Gait Training”, which focuses on the latest advancements in gait rehabilitation technology.

Previously hosted in cities including Zürich, Spain, London, Rotterdam and Toronto, this event has successfully garnered thousands of participants globally. 

Specialising in robotics and AI for rehabilitation, Fourier Intelligence showcased its comprehensive array of rehabilitation technology, ranging from upper and lower limbs to movement and balance solutions. 

Highlights include the award-winning ArmMotus™ EMU and ExoMotus™ M4. 

With a global presence and over 2,000 installations worldwide, Fourier Intelligence provides cutting-edge solutions in rehabilitation, aiming to empower therapists and patients alike.  

Adding to its inventory of advanced rehabilitation solutions, Fourier Intelligence also launched the MetaMotus™ Galileo, its latest rehabilitation platform. 

Featuring biomechanical analysis capabilities, it combines both virtual reality and robotics to create a revolutionary platform that enables users with different needs to train in an immersive environment. 

Functioning as an open platform that accommodates customised protocols, it provides for a dynamic range of rehabilitation methods. These encompass robotics-assisted training for upper and lower limbs, wheelchair training, dynamic balance training, prosthetic adaption, and gait retraining. 

Its advanced Galileo X processor also allows for exposure therapy for PTSD and real-time multimodal data analysis. This fosters a comprehensive rehabilitation ecosystem that readily empowers therapists to develop new protocols and treatments for patient applications. 

“RehabWeek 2023 is an excellent platform to network, collaborate and learn from experts in the industry,” said Zen Koh, co-founder and global CEO of Fourier Intelligence, and chair of RehabWeek 2023. 

“While providing Fourier Intelligence the opportunity to showcase its products to the world, it also allows us to drive innovation in the industry through continuous collaboration. 

“It is a momentous occasion for us here in Asia, as we not only witness one of the largest rehab tech conference and exhibition coming to Singapore, but also playing a part in organising RehabWeek 2023. With the support of the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and Singapore government, it solidifies our direction in developing robotic and AI driven technology and allow for rapid adoption throughout Asia. 

“Through this, we can push the limits of rehabilitation technology and allow for rapid empowerment of both therapists and patients.

“We understand the challenges therapists and patients face; thus, we strive to provide the best solutions to combat these and empower them to yield better recovery results. 

“The launch of our MetaMotus™ Galileo is testament to our continuous efforts to research, refinement and development of new platforms and devices for the overall well-being of patients. 

“Collaboration is vital for the industry to move forward; thus, I am confident that with the MetaMotus™ Galileo and its open platform, we can empower and drive innovation for the betterment of the industry and humanity.“