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Summit Spotlight Series: The Hocoma Armeo

Summit Medical and Scientific would like to introduce you to their range of innovative rehabilitation technology in this short product series.



For our final spotlight session, we’ll be highlighting the Hocoma Armeo range of upper limb rehabilitation devices.

What is the Hocoma Armeo?

The Hocoma Armeo is a range of robotic and sensor-based devices for patients who have experienced stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological disorders which result in hand and arm movement impairment.

There are different versions of the Armeo, which address different patient and therapeutic needs from acute rehabilitation to outpatient or community therapy. The devices range in the amount of support they provide for patients, from high levels of arm weight support to completely unassisted. 

Patients interact with game-like exercises, which focus on therapeutic goals whilst the device tracks their movement in a 3D workspace and provides real-time feedback and objective assessment.

The ArmeoPower is a highly advanced robotic hand and arm rehabilitation device for acute early-stage patients, even before they develop active movement. The ArmeoPower assists-as-needed, so even the most severely affected patients can benefit from robotic-assisted therapy.

The ArmeoSpring is for moderately impaired patients, featuring an adjustable and ergonomic robotic exoskeleton which supports the whole arm, from shoulder to hand, and counterbalances the weight of the patient’s arm during self-initiated therapy.  The ArmeoSpring is unique in that it allows for locking of individual joints.

The ArmeoSenso is for mildly impaired patients, using sensors attached to the wrist, chest and upper arm, and a hand module, in order to train upper limb gripping function. If a patient does need some additional support, the ArmeoSenso can be used with the supplied SaeboMAS mini.

How does it help patients?

Research suggests that neural plasticity of the brain is retained after injury, and now connections can be made through intensive, repetitive, task-oriented movements. These exercises allow the restoration of movement and functionality.

The Hocoma Armeo range enables patients to practise and repeat movements with their hands and arms to support recovery and restore movement. The number of repetitions achieved during a therapy session is much higher than traditional upper limb therapy. The game-like exercises keep the patient engaged and motivated through their rehabilitation journey.

If a clinic has the entire Armeo range, patients can progress all the way from acute to mild impairment.

How does it help therapists?

The Armeo range enables therapists to deliver higher training efficiency, with more hours per day focused on quality therapy for patients.  Moderately and mildly impaired patients can be self-directed, which can reduce the need for continuous therapeutic guidance. Therapists can supervise more than one patient at a time.

Therapists can access immediate reports and real-time feedback from the device. With the ArmeoSenso unwanted compensatory movements are detected to ensure patients complete their therapy in a physiologically correct way.

How can I find out more?

We are currently offering trials and demonstrations for the Hocoma ArmeoSenso, so please get in touch to book. Hurry, as slots are booking up fast!

You can contact us about our entire range of rehabilitation equipment on our website

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