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Summit Spotlight Series: The Hocoma Lokomat

Summit Medical and Scientific would like to introduce you to their range of innovative rehabilitation technology in this short product series.



For our second spotlight session, we’ll be highlighting the Hocoma Lokomat.

What is the Hocoma Lokomat?

The Lokomat is a highly intensive physiological robotic gait trainer, suitable for severely impaired neurological patients.

Its individually adjustable exoskeleton is combined with dynamic body weight support for safe,  controlled and efficient gait training. Speed, loading and robotic support can all be adjusted to optimally shape the intensity of the training.

The latest development from Hocoma, the LokomatPro Sensation, features three special improvements which enhance the patient’s experience, making therapy sessions more fun and personalised for them than ever before.

Intelligent algorithms provide adaptive robotic gait support, allowing the patient to feel the support being given as well as experiencing their performance.

Music and auditory cues are synched with game-like exercises and challenges, boosting motivation, engagement and enrichment for the patient.

Finally, new therapy programs and expansions to existing exercises are offered to individually shape training and see vital progress in real-time.

How does the Lokomat help patients?

The Lokomat allows patients to achieve the high number of repetitions and effort required to achieve the intensity that follows research principles of neuroplasticity.

Patients can achieve hundreds, and even thousands, of steps with just one therapist in a safe and enriched environment. This helps patients achieve the NICE-recommended 45 minutes of quality rehabilitation required.

Real-time feedback, in-depth reporting and a catalogue of engaging exercises helps challenge patients beyond their present capabilities and inform their therapy plan.

In the Lokomat, patients avoid compensatory movements compared to traditional gait training, and perform a gait pattern that is reproducible and physiologically correct.

How does the Lokomat help therapists?

With traditional manual gait training, patients and therapists are exposed to physical strain and even the risk of injury. This is why multiple therapists are typically required to support patients.

With the Lokomat, once a patient is set up inside the device, the therapist can take a step back and focus on delivering high-quality rehabilitation.

Having customisable exercises helps therapists push patients beyond their current capabilities, keeping the patient challenged and getting the most out of each session.

What’s more is that it’s tried and tested – with over 1000 installed around the world, and with over 20 years of research and 400 studies to back it up, the Lokomat has been proven to be an effective electromechanical gait trainer.

How can I find out more?

You can contact us about our entire range of rehabilitation equipment on our website

You can also get in touch with us by telephone: 01372 459863 or by email: info@summitmedsci.co.uk