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Summit Spotlight Series: The Motek RYSEN

Summit Medical and Scientific would like to introduce you to their range of innovative rehabilitation technology in this short product series.



For our fifth spotlight session, we’ll be highlighting the Motek RYSEN.

What is the Motek RYSEN?

The RYSEN is a state-of-the-art body weight support system, providing the next generation of 3D body weight support.

Developed by Motek, the RYSEN supports patients in an all-directional, assist-as-needed capacity to improve movement function.

The RYSEN offers therapists and patients the opportunity to train movement, gait and balance in an unrestricted and safe environment.

Its technology combines adjustable vertical body weight support with horizontal and vertical assistive forces, maximising a patient’s freedom of movement, engagement, and recovery results.

The RYSEN system can be used by adult, geriatric and paediatric patients with movement disorders who are unable to perform their physical therapy without body weight support. These disorders may be the result of various clinical conditions or disorders, such as stroke, spinal injury, or lower limb amputation.

How does the RYSEN help patients?

A patient’s top priority is to regain their quality of life as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, traditional therapy is dependent on external help and manual support, as well as limited by facilities and activities. Pressure and strain is put upon the patient, and they can be afraid of falling.

The RYSEN offers the opportunity for earlier rehabilitation in true-to-life training conditions. Patients can rely on safe and certified technology, which reduces their risk of injury and falls.

How does the RYSEN help therapists?

Conventional gait and balance training can put pressure and strain upon therapists, requiring multiple therapists to provide body weight support with minimal intensity.

Using the RYSEN, therapists can focus on what matters the most: their patient’s recovery.

Therapists can set up a therapy program quickly and easily with the RYSEN’s intuitive interface. Patients can perform natural overground gait, balance and transfer training hands-free with a remote device and integrated fall prevention.

The RYSEN offers an unrestricted environment with customisable levels of body weight support, which can be tailored to each patient.

Easy and in-depth reporting ensures progress is tracked and monitored.

How can I find out more?

You can contact us about our entire range of rehabilitation equipment on our website

You can also get in touch with us by telephone: 01372 459863 or by email: info@summitmedsci.co.uk