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Supporting therapists’ resilience

How Chroma supports the wellbeing of its team in delivering life-changing therapy



Chroma is leading the way in ensuring creative arts therapists receive the tools they need to develop resilience in the work they are carrying out each day.

Therapists work with a variety of clients, all of whom have their unique issues, of which Chroma therapists provide unwavering support to help them overcome these and move forward positively.

But as is the case with talking therapies, it can take its toll on the mental health of the therapists. And, Chroma, established by practicing arts therapists, understand all too well the mental burnout and fatigue that can occur as a result of the job. This is why they have ensured their therapists receive the very best support, in-house, that can help prevent stress and promote self-care.

All HCPC registered creative arts therapists need to access their clinical supervision, but the clinical team at Chroma offer additional management supervision. This support can occur weekly if the case is particularly difficult or stressful, but typically every eight weeks.

If the case the therapist is working on is particularly challenging, support can even be provided daily – so therapists never feel alone and always feel heard and supported in their role.

During these sessions, the clinical management team will find out how the therapists’ case is going and what needs further exploration – supporting therapists to think about their goal setting.

Chroma also provides an on-going monthly CPD programme offering training on all aspects such as report writing, working with families, short-term work, dealing with funding, autism etc. This helps therapists, especially new therapists, hone in their thinking about the work they are doing and understand the importance behind what they are doing, whilst receiving guidance on the support they are providing clients – they’re not alone to fend for themselves – Chroma is always on hand to help.

No one is left to struggle, and with that level of support therapists build their resilience towards the work they do every day and to better support their wellbeing at work and, outside of it.

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